Victim's mom blames Hochul for daughter's murder

Victim's mom blames Hochul for daughter's murder
AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul isn’t likely to end up on the Bearing Arms list for best elected officials ever. Not by a long shot, and I think everyone understands why. Since taking office after her predecessor vacated it abruptly amid a cloud of sexual harassment allegations, she’s done everything she could to make the state miss Andrew Cuomo of all people.

But is she responsible for murder?

That’s what the mother of one victim argues. What’s more, the mom may have a point.

Keaira Bennefield, a 30-year-old mother of three, was murdered by her estranged husband, Adam Bennefield, on October 5.

Adam Bennefield, 45, had a prior conviction for kidnapping an ex-girlfriend and another woman at gunpoint. He was convicted of that crime in 2000 and served a 15-year prison sentence.

Adam was arrested again in September after Keaira posted a horrific eight-minute video to Facebook that captured Adam allegedly punching, kicking, and slapping her.

As a result of the alleged domestic violence, Adam was charged with low-level offenses, including third-degree assault, fourth-degree criminal mischief, second-degree menacing, and second-degree unlawful imprisonment.

The minor misdemeanor charges against Adam prevented the judge from setting bail, and he was released.

On October 5, less than 24 hours after being released from jail, Adam allegedly ambushed Keaira by crashing into her vehicle, pulled out a shotgun, and shot her. Keaira died at the scene.

Keaira’s three children, ages 6 months to 9 years, were inside the vehicle at the time of the attack. Tammy Hudson, Keaira’s mother, told the New York Post that the children had blood all over their clothing.

Hudson places at least part of the responsibility for her daughter’s death at Hochul’s feet. “She should be charged for the crime. She’s also responsible for the crime,” Hudson said according to The Blaze. Hudson then continued, “She failed me. She let me down and my daughter down, and she needs to make a change with the bail reform.”

Those are some harsh words.

Now, I tend to view the responsibility for a murder as resting on the killer, not anyone else. That doesn’t change just because I don’t like the politician in question. That said, the argument Hudson makes is a perfectly valid one.

Had Adam Bennefield been in jail awaiting bail, he likely wouldn’t have been in a position to attack Keaira and brutally murder her in front of their children.

Look, I get the arguments for cashless bail. To some degree, I’m even sympathetic. However, let’s also recognize that this effort has been a complete and total disaster, and Hochul has been a champion for this particular disaster.

Then again, at this rate, we could probably use Hochul’s name as a verb for causing some kind of calamity.

Now, there are questions as to why Adam’s charges weren’t more serious. After all, Keaira posted a video of her getting the crap beaten out of her by her husband, which seems like a slam dunk for a domestic violence charge.

I don’t have answers, but the prosecutor on that argued that the charges were correct and that more serious charges weren’t warranted based on the evidence.

If that’s the case, Hochul needs to spend a lot less time trying to restrict law-abiding gun owners and start doing something about domestic violence in her state, because that’s messed up. It’s almost as messed up as Hochul’s support for cashless bail; support that put Adam back on the streets so he could murder his wife.

This is one of those things that shouldn’t happen, and Hudson has every reason to be upset. Her blame of Hochul isn’t out of line, either.

But I’m sure Hochul will chalk this up to that GOP hoax.