Teen charged after asking for help hiding body on Instagram

Teen charged after asking for help hiding body on Instagram
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With Thanksgiving just last week, I figured I should give thanks for one thing I didn’t think of as we sat around the table that evening. I didn’t think about being thankful for dumb criminals.


You see, the masterminds you see in the movies are fairly rare. Most criminals aren’t all that bright. Yet a few make it easy to catch them.

They use Instagram to seek help in hiding the body of the person they just murdered, for example.

Bensalem, Pennsylvania police arrested a 16-year-old boy on Friday after allegedly killing a girl and turning to Instagram for help with disposing of the body.

Bensalem Police said 9-1-1 operators received a call from parents of a concerned party who said their daughter received an Instagram video chat from a 16-year-old acquaintance, later identified as 16-year-old Joshua Cooper, who said he just killed someone.

In the video, Cooper flipped the video image to show the legs of a person covered in blood, before asking for help with disposing of the body.

Police said they were advised that Cooper lived in Top of the Ridge Trailer Park in Bensalem, and officers went to check the property.

As officers arrived, police said, a juvenile boy ran out from the back of the trailer.

Inside, they found the body of the victim.

Normally, a juvenile wouldn’t have their name publicized, but Cooper is being charged as an adult.

Police say Cooper took “substantial steps” to try and clean up the murder scene, which suggests this was not an accident, even without the video of him asking for help hiding the body.

Look, I get that there are jokes about friends who will help you hide bodies. There are plenty of them on Instagram, I’d imagine. But to use something like Instagram to reach out and try and find someone who will actually help you hide a body is absolutely insane.


Granted, 16-year-olds aren’t known for their decision-making abilities. It’s yet another reason why we don’t let them vote.

And younger folks these days are just about glued to social media like Instagram.

It kind of means it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. Well, it did, and now we get to mourn the death of the victim while also being thankful that this little twerp made the crime so easy to solve.

It’s ironic, really, because the reason you dispose of a body is so that the crime won’t be linked to you. However, Cooper provided an even stronger link by creating video evidence of not just that a murder happened, but that he’d committed it.

Honestly, I don’t see how this goes to trial. The defense attorney–probably a public defender–is going to look at this evidence and tell his client to take the plea bargain because there’s no way he’s going to walk on this one.

In fact, I can’t really imagine a more damning scene than what we see with Cooper. He’s going to prison, and that’s where he clearly belongs based on what we can tell.

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