Police, school freak over toy guns on social media

Police, school freak over toy guns on social media
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There are always going to be some who freak over fake guns.

To be fair, there are times to be concerned. Sometimes, you cannot know definitively if a toy gun is a real or a fake firearm. If someone is brandishing it or threatening others with it, well, you need to take that seriously.


But not every case is like that, and in one New Jersey town, such an incident shows just how much some freak out at the mere thought of guns.

Brick Township police seized airsoft weapons after a student’s Snapchat post showing weapons in the background sparked concerns about a potential threat, police said Monday.

The Snapchat post, which was reported to police on Sunday, showed a Veterans Memorial Middle School student with a package of Smarties candy, police said, and the weapons were in the background. The student sent the post to other Veterans Memorial Middle School students.

Police found the student and saw the weapons were airsoft, which are not firearms, police said.

“The weapons were seized for safekeeping while what is an active investigation is ongoing,” Police Chief James Riccio said. “We will not be providing any further details about the incident because the suspect is a juvenile.”

Law enforcement went on to say they take threats seriously.

Except, there’s no mention of a threat. This was a kid who apparently was showing off a box of candy and the guns were in the background. Toy guns, mind you.

Where was there a threat?

There doesn’t appear to be one. Instead, what we see here and now is that the mere sight of a gun-shaped object is enough to create a threat.

These are toy guns, for crying out loud, and while they can injure or potentially kill people under certain circumstances, so can a baseball bat and no one is freaking out about that.


So why this?

Because this is New Jersey and school administrators are paranoid, ignorant jackwagons. Then we have the police who are treating this like there was a serious threat.

Look, if the kid said he was going to shoot someone with one, then sure. Investigate away and seizing the guns would at least make some degree of sense. It might be an overreaction, but it’s an understandable one to some degree.

But that’s not what we’re seeing reported.

What we’re seeing is that a kid had a box of candy on Snapchat with his toy guns in the background and someone freaked out. They then notified someone else who also freaked out, and now this kid has been treated like a criminal over showing off a box of candy.

And anti-gunners think this is rational behavior?

It’s anything but.

Look, if there’s a threat, show us. Tell us exactly where that threat was. Their presence of a toy in the background doesn’t count and we all know it.

If you can’t and you think this is rational behavior, then leave the gun debate forever. You clearly have no business discussing something when you can’t even use the powers of reason God gave a muskrat.

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