Top Republicans fuming over CDC shenanigans

Top Republicans fuming over CDC shenanigans
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On Thursday, we wrote about how the CDC reportedly hid defensive gun use statistics in order to provide support for gun control activists who felt the statistics hurt their chances with legislation. To say I was upset is to put it rather mildly.


I was far from alone in being angry.

It seems some top Republicans are right there with me.

House GOP Chairwoman Elise Stefanik, the number three ranking Republican for the soon-to-be House majority, accused the CDC of “acting as an arm of the Democratic Party” by agreeing to delete data from its website after private pressure from advocates. She decried the role of the White House in connecting the advocates with top agency officials.

“In pursuit of their unconstitutional anti-gun agenda, the Biden Administration is hiding the facts of how law-abiding citizens use their Constitutionally-protected 2nd Amendment rights to keep our families and communities safe,” she said. “The CDC is acting as an arm of the Democratic Party, further politicizing the facts, and shamefully lying to the American people to advance their Far Left agenda.”

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy will provide direct oversight of the CDC in his role as the new ranking Republican member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. Like Stefanik, he expressed outrage at the removal of self-defense statistics at the behest of activists.

“Scrubbing government websites of statistics and evidence that are inconvenient to one side’s political narrative is absolutely unacceptable,” Cassidy told The Reload. “Every day, a law-abiding American uses their God-given Second Amendment right to defend their life and the lives of their family. These Americans shall not be bullied, diminished, or lumped in with the criminals they are forced to defend themselves because of the liberal governments who refuse to enforce the laws on the books.”

Congressman August Pfluger (R.-TX) also accused the CDC of succoming to politicization.


This is the Republican leadership that the CDC will be answering to whenever they need anything from Congress come January, and they aren’t thrilled in the least.

And people wonder why we weren’t thrilled with the CDC and gun research.

However, while Republicans are apparently angry, there’s another question lingering and one that I’m sure many of us won’t like the answer to. Will anything change?

Sure, the House can hold hearings and make political hay over what happened, but is there really any way to prevent the CDC from doing something like this again? Any restriction Congress places on them is really more likely to be an obstacle to overcome rather than a shackle to prevent them from doing it again.

Republicans being riled up is fine, but will they do anything productive? Will the CDC learn from this and cease trying to benefit anti-gun activists in what should be a debate of ideas?

I’m more than a little skeptical, myself.

We saw the CDC spend decades claiming it was hamstrung from doing gun violence research because of the prohibition on advocacy, and yet they never could see their claims were an admission of bias surrounding the subject of guns. What’s more, remarkably few people actually called them on this bias, allowing it to mostly go unchallenged for years.


Then they do this, and it’s unlikely that they’ll do anything but try and placate Congress while just finding another way to provide justification for future gun control efforts.

So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but I’m not holding my breath that we’ll see anything change.

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