Gun control group beclowns itself over chopped "AR-15"

Gun control group beclowns itself over chopped "AR-15"
Daylight! Hangover! #facepalm

The AR-15, we’re told by gun control advocates, is a weapon platform simply too devastating for civilian hands. It, along with all other so-called assault weapons should be banned and restricted for use by the military and law enforcement exclusively.


Of course, they get angry when you ask them to define an assault weapon.

And, to be fair, I often get annoyed at the tactic myself, since we all know what we’re talking about and it’s a rhetorical gotcha rather than an argument against these folks, yet I’m probably in the minority.

And, also to be fair, those who ask the question have a point, and that point was perfectly illustrated by a New Mexican gun control group in a tweet recently.

Yeah, uh…still waiting to see an AR-15.

Now, that looks like a Ruger PC carbine. Most of those come in 9mm. They have almost none of the cosmetic features typically listed in assault weapon bans and it’s in a pistol caliber.

This is not an AR-15.

“But the tweet says they destroyed two additional semi-autos. Maybe this was one of those,” someone might ask, and it’s a valid question. I wondered about that myself but look to the left of the saw. See those two handgun grips laying on the ground? It’s far more likely that those are the two other semi-autos mentioned.


Some have suggested that not just did they fail to cut up an AR-15 but they also committed a felony.

After all, cutting the barrel of a gun turns it into a short-barrel rifle.

On that, I think folks are wrong. It looks like it got the receiver, not the barrel. As such, they’re probably in the clear.

But this tweet does something else besides make them look stupid, though it does that quite well.

It illustrates how little the people pushing for restrictions on guns actually know about them.

For example, even the most casual fan of firearms can look at this in an instant and know it’s not an AR-15. They might not recognize it for what it is, but they damn sure know what it’s not.

Gun control advocates, though, don’t.

And yet, who is it the media flocks to when they need an “expert” on why we need some kind of gun control law? The very people who can’t even successfully identify one of the most popular models of a firearm in the nation.

They routinely demonize guns like the AR-15 and push for a ban, but then they can’t even tell you what they want banned.


Yet lawmakers will often turn to people like this for input on gun control laws. They help craft the restrictions that impact folks like you and me, people who actually understand firearms.

And this wasn’t even something that got leaked, something presented in order to make them look bad. This is a self-own. They’re proud of doing this.

They don’t seem to get how idiotic it makes them look at just how much more easily we can show that ignorance when next they push for some bit of gun control.

As we should.

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