Australian officials push for regulation after mass shooting

Australian officials push for regulation after mass shooting
Police Line / Police Tape

Mass shootings, we are told, are a uniquely American problem. People believe that because they have an incredibly short memory. They tend to forget anything other than the last American shooting, with a few exceptions.


For example, gun control advocates remember Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre, if only to remember that the nation enacted some strict gun control laws in the aftermath. For years, those laws were held up as having prevented another mass shooting in the country.

Well, that went out the window, and unsurprisingly, some are calling for even more stringent gun control measures.

Top cops and officials on both sides of the Queensland-NSW border have called for reform to gun laws after two police officers were shot dead in what was later described as a sick ploy to lure authorities to their deaths on a rural Queensland property.

As they prepare to send a large portion of NSW officers to the funerals of their murdered colleagues Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold, NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb and her deputy Dave Hudson called for a “commitment to synergy” to standardise gun laws – which are currently mostly set out by states and territories – nationwide.

“Greater national consistency is something we would support, there needed to be a commitment to national synergy,” Mr Hudson told The Daily Telegraph.

“Every state has their own laws and things they need to consider, but as long as the intent is the same then we are in a better place. States can work out their own framework but come together and improve and learn from each other.”

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said she would be supportive of anything that meant improvements in the control of firearms.


While I get that there’s no single, unified law in Australia, the truth is that there’s also nowhere that guns aren’t controlled either. You can’t just walk into a gun store and buy a gun like way back in the day.

And yet, those laws still failed to stop this mass shooting–and yes, this is a mass shooting in every way that matters. Three or more people were killed outside of the home. That’s a mass shooting.

So why is it so difficult for officials to see something like this and note that these were criminals? They didn’t obtain their guns lawfully and no bout of new regulation is going to change that fact.

It was revealed that at least one of the bad guys here busted through a quarantine barricade in violation of the law. What deluded mentality suggests that they’ll bust through a barricade but suddenly follow all the other laws just because?

All indications are that these folks weren’t interested in playing nice, so why would they follow gun control laws?

The answer, of course, is that they wouldn’t.


Deep down inside, all of these officials know it. They know that gun control won’t actually stop mass shootings. They just can’t admit that they don’t do what will. So, they use guns as a scapegoat and kick the can down the road.

But Australian gun control cannot be held up as evidence of how such measures stop mass shootings ever again.

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