Anti-gun satire falls flat when you're ignorant

Anti-gun satire falls flat when you're ignorant
Daylight! Hangover! #facepalm

There will probably always be anti-gunners. They’ll always want gun control and there’s literally nothing that will change their mind.

They have that right.


Additionally, they also have the right to try and write our side satirically. However, when they don’t know the topic well enough, you get crap like this:


I guess this is what passes for clever satire among the anti-gun left?


Oh, I get the joke. I understand perfectly what the author is trying to do. He’s trying to reframe some pro-gun arguments in a way that makes it look especially ridiculous.

Too bad that his basic premise–that we don’t want to give up our machine guns–is fatally flawed.

As we all know, machine guns are already tightly controlled. Very tightly controlled. While they can be bought, the fact that they have to have been built prior to 1986 drives the price up so that even if you can get approval for one, your bank account may well disapprove of you getting such a weapon.

Machine guns aren’t being discussed in Illinois.

Now, one could forgive an anti-gun author for not knowing that so-called assault weapons aren’t actually machine guns. An actual assault rifle is capable of full-auto fire, after all, so there is a legitimate point of confusion, but that’s not what’s being discussed in Illinois. There, they want to ban “assault weapons.”

So the author is so sure of himself and his knowledge that he pens a satire piece mocking us and our desire to have “machine guns” without recognizing that absolutely nothing being discussed pertains to actual full-auto-capable firearms.


And yet, I’m sure he thinks he’s well-versed enough on the subject to have an opinion that’s more valid than those of us who actually understand firearms.

But hey, if he wants to be a joke, who am I to stop him?

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