Massachusetts gun control didn't keep these guns away

Massachusetts gun control didn't keep these guns away
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Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. They’re not California, but not for lack of trying.

However, it also seems that those laws, unsurprisingly, aren’t accomplishing a whole lot.


A prime example of that comes from a recent arrest in the state.

At around 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Holyoke police requested assistance to locate the driver that ran away from the crash. Hadley Police Officer Marini and K9 Fitzgerald were training with the State Police K9 Unit when they arrived to help in the search.

Two firearms were found in the vehicle and an additional four firearms were found in a bag located by K9 Fitzgerald in a wooded area of Lower Westfield Road and Route 5, according to the Hadley police.

Holyoke, Massachusetts isn’t exactly a sanctuary community, and yet, they found a bag of guns stashed in the woods.

Now, gun control is typically billed as the only way to address violent crime; that we must restrict guns so bad people can’t get them.

Yet I can’t help but think that if someone is stashing guns in the woods, they probably didn’t obtain them lawfully. I mean, sure, some people actually do for various reasons, but most who do that after a car crash–and apparently fail to stash all the guns–aren’t typically people who acquired them lawfully.

Yet Massachusetts gun control is supposed to be extensive. It’s not supposed to permit something like this from happening, even if we’re not entirely sure what “this” actually is.

Then again, we also know gun control doesn’t really work. Criminals will keep getting guns and the law-abiding keep getting the shaft.

Such is how it’s always been and such is how it always will be.


Massachusetts is just one example of how poorly gun control laws restrict criminals. It just doesn’t happen and we all know it. The evidence is as plain as it comes.

Unfortunately, a lot of people just refuse to accept that same evidence. They prefer cherry-picked data and questionable research to the plain evidence presented to them.

Of course, when you want to lie to yourself, it helps if you can find people who will lie to you so you can pretend you’re just following the science, even while ignoring just how bad the supposed science can be.

The truth is that Massachusetts has had tons of gun control for years, yet they also see plenty of violent crime. Not as much as many other states, mind you, but that’s likely an artifact of lower poverty than anything related to gun control–seriously, there are a number of pro-gun states in the top 10 list of safest states. If gun control were necessary for a state to be safe, that simply wouldn’t happen.

Unfortunately, there are those who will see whatever cause and effect they want and never question literally anything else so long as it advances their warped worldview.

Even guns in bags stashed in the woods after a traffic accident.


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