RI man with over 200 guns pleads guilty

RI man with over 200 guns pleads guilty
Los Angeles Police Department via AP

A lot of times, the media makes it clear how little they know about guns and gun owners. That’s often by them claiming a handful of guns and some number of rounds was really some kind of massive arsenal. They don’t understand that we often buy rounds by the thousand because some of us shoot that much and that a dozen guns isn’t a terrorist in the making but a modest collector.


But most of us would agree that 200 guns are a lot.

There’s nothing wrong with having that many guns, mind you. Many of us (read: me) would love to not just have that many firearms but also have the means to store and feed that many guns.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with it unless you obtained them through some kind of illegal means, which is apparently what one Rhode Island man did.

A Rhode Island man found with an arsenal of more than 200 guns at his home along with thousands of rounds of ammunition and a flamethrower has agreed to plead guilty to some federal charges, according to court documents.

At a date to be determined, Ronald Andruchuk, 38, will plead guilty to lying to authorities in order to purchase guns and possessing a firearm as a prohibited person because of his alleged illegal drug use, according to a plea agreement filed in U.S. District Court in Providence on Tuesday.

The deal also calls for Andruchuk to forfeit all guns, ammunition and magazines that were seized from his Burrillville home in February.

In exchange, federal prosecutors have agreed to dismiss two charges and recommend a sentence at the low end of the guidelines, according to the agreement.


Now, in and of itself, this looks bad. If he was in fact on drugs, then he couldn’t lawfully possess firearms.

However, while Rhode Island may not have gun laws as strict as New York or California, they’re not exactly a particularly gun-friendly state either. They have a permit to purchase handguns and universal background checks and red flag laws.

Plenty of ways to have somehow prevented this individual from getting guns, yet he got them all the same. That includes a flamethrower, which is attorneys argued he had for landscaping purposes rather than it’s just cool as hell.

I’d have it for the latter, for the record, but whatever.

Either way, this supposedly dangerous drug-using, mentally ill, violent individual amassed an arsenal of over 200 weapons despite all those laws on the books.

Now, I’m not saying I have an issue with it. I don’t. He wasn’t convicted of anything so why wouldn’t he be able to buy guns?

But those who claim gun control works have gotten more than enough laws passed that, at least in theory, this shouldn’t have been an issue. Yet here we are.


The truth is that people who want guns will get guns.

Further, it also illustrates how ineffective gun control is in preventing people from getting guns when they haven’t been caught doing anything. There’s no fix for that, either. Not one that doesn’t end up being subjective, which the Supreme Court has already said won’t fly.

Too bad for gun grabbers everywhere, really, because there are a thousand other cases that illustrate this exact point: Gun control doesn’t work.

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