Chris Murphy betrays ignorance on gun laws

Chris Murphy betrays ignorance on gun laws
AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib

Sen. Chris Murphy has made his name with his opposition to gun rights. He’s backed pretty much every gun control proposal that’s come down the pipe and it’s hard to imagine one he wouldn’t back.


Since he’s someone who keeps trying to push laws, many might believe he’d at least be conversant on what laws already exist, right?

Well, it sounds like he doesn’t.

On Wednesday’s Amanpour & Co. show, interviewer Walter Isaacson gave Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) a forum to make a misleading push for gun control as the two discussed the recent 10-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook school massacre.

Appearing on the show which is shown on both PBS and CNN International, Senator Murphy recalled that he became an activist on gun control after the event, leading Isaacson to follow up: “If firearms is the leading cause of death among young kids, what could be done next? What would you like to see happen after this reform of the past year?”

Even though federal law requires anyone who sells weapons for profit to do a background check on the buyer, the liberal Senator claimed some states do not have background checks, which he blamed for fueling the illegal gun market:

So what we have in this country is a massive black market in firearms, and that is how firearms often end up in the hands of young kids. So background checks is the quickest way to stop that black market because how the black market starts is a criminal trafficker buying a whole bunch of weapons in a state where there’s no background checks.



What in the hell is Murphy talking about?

Background checks are federally mandated, and even if your state says background checks aren’t required, gun dealers will still conduct them because the ATF will destroy your life if you refuse to conduct them.

So the idea that there are no background checks isn’t even close to correct.

Now, this may just be a gaffe. He may have meant that these states don’t have universal background checks, which would be accurate. However, most firearm sales are from licensed dealers, so it’s not nearly the issue Murphy might want to make it out to be.

Yet we can’t escape the truth of what he actually said, which is that these states have no background checks.

Honestly, I’d love to know just where that would be.

I don’t expect Murphy to answer, though, because he’s just the latest anti-gunner to say something that makes absolutely no sense to anyone who understands anything about firearms.

The truth is that a lot of people like Murphy don’t actually know anything about guns or the current laws that surround their manufacturing and sale. I actually wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Murphy really thinks some states simply don’t conduct any background checks at all, that we just walk into a gun store and walk out with a firearm like we’d just ordered a burger from Wendy’s.


And then he wonders why we don’t take his policies seriously, why won’t we just roll over and let him pass what he wants to pass.

It’s because he clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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