Critics lose their minds over NRA's Christmas post

Critics lose their minds over NRA's Christmas post
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The NRA isn’t the kind of organization that can or should care all that much about what gun control enthusiasts think or believe. After all, nothing short of shutting their doors forever would appease such folks, and we all know that’s not going to happen.


But with Christmas just behind us, it’s unsurprising that the organization opted to wish a Merry Christmas to its supporters.

And what do you wish gun people for Christmas? You say thinks like how you hope they got guns and ammo.

It seems, though, that some people just can’t deal with such a thing.

National Rifle Association officials shot themselves in the foot again Sunday with a boneheaded Christmas Day message wishing Americans that “Santa brought you all the guns and ammo” on a holiday that’s supposed to be associated with goodwill and peace on Earth.

Critics were dumbfounded by the tweet as mass shootings skyrocket in the nation, and the NRA again touted itself as a “civil rights organization” — one avidly pushing for business for gun manufacturers.

What follows is a long list of tweets of people who blasted the NRA for their comments.

Yet here’s the thing absolutely none of those people actually get: The NRA doesn’t care what you think, nor should they.


See, the NRA is, at least in theory, an organization made up of members who support the right to keep and bear arms. As such, the leadership and the marketing for such an organization would target those folks, not those who think guns are “icky.”

Oh, people think that the NRA is evil, but since they’re the ones who want to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms, no one who matters to the NRA actually cares.

“But mass shootings!”

First, that report of some record number of “mass shootings” is from Gun Violence Archive, which uses an overly broad definition of “mass shooting,” and then hopes absolutely no one understands that simple fact. Those “mass shootings” include gang battles and things of that sort where absolutely no one was killed. We’re not talking about Uvalde here.

Second of all, it should be noted that no one has shown a single such shooting that involved an NRA member.

“But they’re drumming up business for the gun industry.”

No, they’re not. They hoped people got guns and ammo on Christmas Day. At that point, it’s a little late to drum up business for an industry.  To claim otherwise is beyond bonkers.


And where is the concern when someone else says they hope people got candy for Christmas? Obesity kills 2.8 million people per year, far more than guns supposedly kill. Why isn’t that somehow taboo?

Then again, as I mentioned, it’s not like the NRA nor anyone the NRA is talking to actually cares what these knobs have to say. They’re shouting into the void in hopes that their followers will give them some kind of validation, probably because their own lives lack anything of the sort.

It’s sad.

What’s not sad, though, is getting guns and ammo for Christmas. It’s hard to be sad when you’ve got a new gun, after all, which is a feeling these folks will never know.

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