Chicago man pleads guilty to selling guns out food truck

Chicago man pleads guilty to selling guns out food truck
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The city of Chicago is the epicenter for a lot of gun control claims. After all, the city is violent and that violence has been used to justify all manner of gun control bills pushed in Illinois.


Never mind that the rest of the state has never had similar issues, really.

Regardless, Chicago is why the state requires a FOID card if you want to purchase a firearm. Yet, as we’ve pointed out, that doesn’t stop criminals from getting guns.

Apparently, you could even get a gun in the city at a popular food truck.

On the morning of his scheduled jury trial, a suburban man pleaded guilty — again — to narcotics and weapons charges alleging the sale of two dozen guns from the back of his popular food truck more than seven years ago.

Terry Ferguson, 58, of Willowbrook, entered his plea to one count each of cocaine distribution and possession of firearms by a felon during a hearing at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse, where a pool of prospective jurors had come in to fill out questionnaires for his anticipated trial.

What? He didn’t require FOID cards? No NICS background checks? None of that?

Why, it makes it seem as if criminals just ignore gun control laws. That can’t be right, though, because groups like Brady, Giffords, and Everytown say that gun control works. They don’t have any incentive to pretend otherwise, do they? I mean, it’s not like admitting that restricting guns for law-abiding folks does nothing to disarm criminals might make the donations dry up or anything.

That couldn’t be the case at all.

Seriously, this is just insane to me. Selling guns and drugs out of a food truck–one that was apparently pretty popular in and of itself–is the kind of thing you expect to see on an episode of some police show. It’s goofy enough that you just can’t expect it to happen in real life.


And yet, here we are.

What we see, though, is that criminals will find a way to obtain guns. If there’s a market for it, someone will fill that demand. That’s just how humans work.

While some might claim that guns might be unavailable for sale if we just banned them, let’s not forget that drugs are basically banned, and Ferguson was selling that out of his food truck as well. I find it hard to believe that guns wouldn’t somehow make it onto the black market even if there were none to steal or purchase illegally.

That idea is absolutely insane.

And yet, there are people who will push it. They’ll make just that claim. It seems these folks have little or no relationship with reality. After all, that’s the only way you can look at this and recognize that as long as there is a demand, someone will provide the guns criminals want.

Whether they sell them out of a food truck, their car trunk, or the back room of some store, the black market will be with us always. Don’t delude yourself into thinking it won’t be.

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