Anti-gun mom reacts to 6-year-old shooting teacher

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A young child should never gain access to a firearm.

That’s easy for me to say, but we’ve seen it happen time and time again. When it does happen, anti-gunners lose their minds. They continue to remain convinced that some kind of gun control should be applied.


In Virginia, that debate is kicking into high gear after a 6-year-old student shot their teacher with a gun he brought to school.

And one mother is drawing a lot of attention because of her reaction to it.

A British mother gave a furious reaction after a six-year-old student at her child’s school in Newport News, Virgina, shot and critically injured a teacher on Friday.

A Richneck Elementary School teacher identified by local news reports as Abby Zwerner was intentionally shot by the young student after an alleged “altercation” in the classroom, police said.

Ms Zwerner, whose condition had improved to stable on Saturday, was praised by parents for warning her students to flee as she lay bleeding on the classroom floor.

Speaking outside the school on Friday, the unnamed parent told WTKR she was furious at the lack of gun regulations in the United States.

Speaking in an English accent, she told WTKR: “Guns, OK, that’s the biggest problem in this country,.

“Why is it so bad. Why is there a seven-year-old with a bloody gun?” she said, speaking before police revealed the alleged shooter’s age was six.

“Come on, think about it. Let’s do something. We’ve got a new Governor now, let’s do something, let’s change it.”


Now, understand that what happened here isn’t a case of a 6-year-old going out to buy a gun and then taking it to school.

At its base, it looks like poor parenting permitted a small child to obtain a firearm and take it with them.

The anti-gun parent is understandably upset–it could have been her kid, after all–but she also needs to calm down and look at this rationally. Nothing about what happened was particularly legal in the first place.

In the coming days, I expect we’ll find out a lot more about what transpired in Newport News, but right now, there’s no reason to scream for gun control.

Of course, some will point to this as some kind of evidence that I’m wrong, but just what laws would have prevented this? Mandatory storage, maybe? I’m sorry, but if the parent didn’t have it secured with a child that young running around the house, what makes you think a law would change that?

What else? This wasn’t a kid with an AR-15, so an assault weapon ban wouldn’t cut it. You can’t put an age cap on who can possess a firearm because there are already age caps on who can buy one. So just what laws would she have?


Or, is she like so many other anti-gunners and just wants to restrict all guns in every single way?

Hell, it sounds like she’s British. If she wants those laws, she can always go back to her native nation and “enjoy” all the restrictions she wants.

Then again, she thinks guns are somehow the biggest problem our nation faces, not understanding that we’ve had tons of guns for decades and continually lowering violent crime rates until just recently. Guns aren’t the problem. People are.

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