The shady reality behind Illinois assault weapon ban bill

AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File

By now, you might have heard that Illinois is trying to pass an assault weapon ban. We’ve seen tons of news articles about it and now we have the speaker of the House there announcing that he won’t accept a “watered-down version” of the bill, such as what the Senate has apparently passed.


However, I find it interesting that he would be so forceful about such a thing. After all, according to a column from the state, there were some pretty shady efforts undertaken to get the bill to where it is in the first place.

A majority group of Illinois Legislators has proven once again that the methods of madness in Washington D.C. are the path for the People in the Land of Lincoln.

Representative Bob Morgan ([email protected]) filed HB 5855 on December 1, 2022, and it was assigned to the Rules Committee ever since.  The bill contained the most aggressive gun ban language in the country that includes a gun registration for those who wish to keep any guns they may have that are listed or described in the bill.

In the early hours of January 6, 2022 (12:40 am), an Amusement Park Safety, SB2226, that was introduced on 2/26/2021 and passed out of the Senate on 4/23/2021, became the subject of the bait & switch we have watched our legislature use in Springfield for years.

Representative Morgan snatched up the Senate Bill in the House as the Chief Sponsor on 1/5/23 and presto, an Amusement Ride Safety bill finds itself morphing into a gun ban bill in hours.  It appears the original Senate bill was nothing more than a shell bill created that would pass out of the Senate and sit idle in the House until the last days of the session when it could be highjacked as a means of circumventing certain rules on the passage of bills.

So, in other words, they knew the assault weapon ban wouldn’t have made it out of committee, so they took a non-controversial bill and tacked it on after that bill made it out of committee.


They were so sure of the universal love for this bill that they had to try something pretty underhanded and shady to get it to pass.

At the risk of engaging in a bit of whataboutism, the truth is that if a pro-gun state did this, anti-gunners in Illinois and beyond would be screaming to the high heavens. They’d be baying for blood at the idea of such shenanigans.

Yet they never seem to have an issue when it’s their side doing it. Funny how that is.

Now, understand that I’m not saying what happened was illegal or anything. It appears to be well within the rules as written there in Illinois. That doesn’t mean it’s not shady as hell, though, and we all know it.

The truth of the matter is that anti-gunners will do whatever they wish to advance the anti-gun narrative. They’re convinced they’re right and they see no problem with doing anything at all in order to bring about their anti-Second Amendment Utopia.

Frankly, I’m not interested in such a place.

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