White House tries to capitalize on Utah murder-suicide

Image by stevepb from Pixabay

Last week, I wrote about the horrific events in Utah. It turns out that this was, in fact, a murder-suicide. As I always think after something like that, how come the killer couldn’t have started with the suicide and saved everyone a lot of heartache?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

A lot of news surfaced over the weekend about just what transpired, and Chris Queen over at our sister site PJ Media wrote about some key points.

The New York Post reports that Tausha Haight had filed for divorce from her husband two weeks prior to the day police discovered the murder-suicide. Michael Haight had also reportedly resigned from his insurance job near the end of the year as well.

Another report from the Post points out that Michael Haight had removed all the guns from the home in the days prior to the murder-suicide, a move that one family member said left Tausha and her mother “vulnerable.”

“Protective arms were purposely removed from the home prior to the incident because all adults were properly trained to protect human life,” the Earl family announced in a statement. “This is the type of loss that will continue to occur in families, communities, and this nation when protective arms are no longer accessible.” The family also noted that Tausha and her mother were trained in personal protection.

That is absolutely awful. The idea that Tausha Haight might have been able to protect her own life and the lives of her children had firearms remained in the home is just awful on so many levels.

Especially as the guns had been removed, apparently just to make sure she couldn’t protect anyone.

Bad as that is, though, that’s not all that’s transpired. The senseless deaths will always be the worst part of this, but it seems the Biden administration is bound and determined to try and give it a run of its money anyway.

You know the Biden administration can’t stop even there. The statement goes on to call for even more action on gun control.

“The President believes there is more to be done to keep our homes, schools, and communities safe, including enacting an assault weapons and high-capacity magazine ban to get weapons of war off our streets, requiring safe storage of firearms, and closing the dating violence restraining order loophole in our gun background check system,” the statement concluded.

Absolutely none of which would have prevented this horrible tragedy.

Absolutely none.

Further, we need to remember that Tausha Haight had been effectively disarmed. That is likely why this happened. Disarming more people isn’t going to prevent the next awful murder-suicide.

I mean, does anyone think Michael Haight wouldn’t have had access to a gun safe? Does anyone think he couldn’t have gunned down the rest of his family with only 10 rounds at a time?

There was no restraining order against him, so far as I’ve been able to tell. Further, this was a married couple, which means existing protections could have been used if Tausha thought they were needed. This wasn’t a boyfriend flipping out and killing his estranged girlfriend, after all.

Yet this disgusting behavior is what we typically see from an anti-gun administration. The events in Utah are irrelevant. All that matters is pushing the agenda, which doesn’t have to have anything to do with what happened there, so they just pretend it does.

It’s gross.

Meanwhile, if we tried to point out that the issue in question is a lack of anyone being able to defend themselves, suddenly we’re vile. Trust me, I’ve had that accusation thrown at me more than once for doing just that.

They get to politicize tragedy and we don’t.

Par for the course, really. It’s a good thing I don’t actually care what they think of me.