Oakland man helps illustrate how ineffective gun control is

Oakland man helps illustrate how ineffective gun control is
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California has historically been the most gun-controlled state in the nation. They have gun control to a degree that would be unfathomable in most of the rest of the nation.


Yet folks like me have claimed that laws like that just don’t work, that the people who represent a problem are still going to get guns and misuse them, regardless of what laws you put on the books.

A gentleman in Oakland recently did his part to help illustrate that point.

An Oakland man was arrested after being accused of firing several shots from an assault rifle near the Oakland Zoo.

Police said they were called to a report of shots fired about 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday.

No injuries were reported but police went to a home on the 3000 block of Broadmoor View and seized at least 20 ghost guns.

Now, the sale of so-called ghost guns is illegal in the state of California. Their strict gun control prohibits things like kits and such which can be used to assemble firearms.

That is, of course, assuming that by “ghost gun” they mean homemade firearms and not simply one where the serial number has been rendered unreadable. After all, those get categorized as “ghost guns” all the time despite not actually being what people think such weapons are.

Of course, they also found a taser and a 3D printer, so they probably were homemade firearms.

Yet this also illustrates why gun control is a loser no matter how you slice it. Guns can be made way too easily in this day and age. As such, people will always have access to firearms no matter how much you try and restrict them.

Gun control won’t stop…no, gun control can’t stop people from getting guns. It can only stop law-abiding people from getting them.


Those folks aren’t generally the problem.

Seriously, you could hand a law-abiding citizen a rocket launcher, brief them quickly on how to use one–just enough so they don’t accidentally fire the rocket–and you won’t have to worry one bit about that rocket launcher being misused. You just won’t.

Yet a violent felon will kill someone with a rock or their bare hands if they so desire.

Are you going to call for hand control next?

Bad people do bad things, and they’ll continue doing bad things. Cain didn’t need a gun to kill able. Locusta of Gaul didn’t need one to kill an untold number of people during the reign of Emperor Nero in Ancient Rome, either.

Murders are with us and will remain with us, even if guns vanished entirely.

Gun control doesn’t stop them. It never has, but it most definitely can’t in this day and age. No law will stop bad people from getting guns and doing incredibly stupid or awful things with them.

If they did, California wouldn’t have dealt with this nonsense. Unfortunately for them, though, not only did this guy do all of this (allegedly), but we also have a lot of people who aren’t a problem being denied access to the full extent of their Second Amendment rights.

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