Ana Navarro thinks guns are a bigger problem than drag shows

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP

The idea of supposed all-ages drag shows is a new thing. Back in the day, we knew drag shows were a thing, but they weren’t out there and in your face. Not only that, but they weren’t trying to say they were open to all ages.


Now, the controversy surrounding these shows isn’t something we talk about much here because this is a Second Amendment site. We write about the Second Amendment. Why would we talk about drag shows?

Well, it seems one of the twits from “The View” had to step in it.

na Navarro took the mic at a famous drag queen event in Miami on Sunday to give a passionate anti-gun speech and defend drag queens.

The View co-host was in her hometown where she stopped into the Palace Bar and Restaurant to attend its iconic drag brunch.

Wearing a pink shirt with feathered sleeves, Navarro stood up to address her fellow diners and threw her support behind the drag queen community.

“Listen, I live in Florida and I hate that drag queens are being made a political issue and a web issue, and a manufactured, made up cultural issue. ‘Cause I’ll tell you what, no drag queen ever killed a little kid,” she said.

“You know what kills little kids? Guns kill little kids. And you can care about little children and their safety, go after guns and leave the f******* drag queens alone.”

There it is. There’s where you rile up gun rights advocates who are otherwise agnostic toward the issue and turn them against it in a heartbeat.

Well done, Ana. Well done.

First, let’s understand the problem many people have with these drag shows. No one argues they shouldn’t exist. They’re arguing that drag shows, as we’ve seen via social media, are inherently sexual in nature and condition kids to believe that they should be open to sexual activity, even with an adult. It’s why the “groomer” label gets applied.


Don’t agree? That’s fine, Ana. It really is.

But while you can say a drag queen has never killed a kid – and considering the totality of human history, I wouldn’t make such an absolute statement if I were Navarro – no one is claiming they have. What opponents are saying is that this makes child molestation more likely. Yes, even if the drag queens aren’t the ones doing it.

Navarro doesn’t care about that. She’s trying to leverage opposition to things like drag queen story hours into action by those who support them. She wants gun control in Florida and thinks this is how you go about it.

Unfortunately for Navarro, almost no one who supports these all-ages drag events doesn’t already want gun control. She’s done nothing except potentially fire up people who were staying out of that debate entirely.

Not only that, but Navarro has yet again shown why those from “The View” generally have no relevance to anyone, anywhere, other than the echo chamber that tunes in every day.

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