Alabama basketball player handed off gun used in fatal shooting

Alabama basketball player handed off gun used in fatal shooting
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Getting a college scholarship to play sports is often seen as one way a kid can get out of a tough neighborhood and make it in this tough world. Even if they’re not going to make it to the NBA, getting a scholarship to a school like Alabama can still change their lives.


But not if they hand guns off to people who aren’t lawfully allowed to own them.

If you do that, well, it’s unlikely you’ll stay in school all that long.

I don’t know if Alabama basketball player Darius Miles had this as his only way out, but if so, he kind of screwed himself over.

University of Alabama basketball player Darius Miles allegedly provided the handgun that was used in a shootout near campus that left one woman dead, a report said Tuesday.

Miles, 21, admitted to police that he gave 20-year-old Michael Lynn Davis the weapon that Davis used to open fire on a car in downtown Tuscaloosa — leaving Jamea Harris dead in the passenger seat, according to TMZ.

Citing court documents, the outlet said witnesses have identified Davis as the gunman and cops obtained Ring doorbell footage of the tragic slaying.

Miles, who was quickly sacked from the Crimson Tide basketball squad, has been charged with capital murder for the shooting.

Honestly, I have absolutely no sympathy.

Look, I think everyone has the right to keep and bear arms. That includes people who are traditionally prohibited from owning guns.

Yet the law is what it is. If you break the law, particularly if doing so results in the murder of someone else, I’m not going to shed a single tear for you.

Miles had a golden opportunity. While he wasn’t exactly burning up the court, based on his stats, he still had a chance to get an education from a major university at little to no cost to him or his family. That’s not going to happen if he ends up locked up for the rest of his life.


And over what? A minor argument that was allowed to escalate to murder? Because that’s what reportedly happened.

I can’t help but think about how so many in our country don’t understand how to deal with conflict. They take disagreement as some kind of a personal affront, just having a difference of opinion is a grave insult.

That’s the world we’re in, and we’ve seen it everywhere, from the streets to politics.

In this case, that inability to deal with conflict seems to have involved a college basketball player throwing his life away by giving a gun to someone too young to buy one, who allegedly used that gun to kill an innocent woman.

Guns are wonderful things, but they’re not the way to solve disagreements. Somehow, we need to get that through people’s thick skulls so that we don’t see more stories like this.

Too many lives appear to be destroyed as things currently stand. It shouldn’t happen. Not now. Not ever.

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