VP Harris wants Congress to enact tougher gun laws

VP Harris wants Congress to enact tougher gun laws
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Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t a fan of the Second Amendment. That was clear during her failed presidential campaign and her time in office in the state of California.


She’s vice president to another anti-gunner, so it’s no surprise in the aftermath of two shootings in her home state that she’d call for more gun control.

Vice President Kamala Harris arrived outside of the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park Wednesday night, stopping to take a look at each of the victims’ names and pictures from Saturday’s deadly mass shooting before placing a bouquet in front of the memorial.

Harris told reporters the nation is mourning the loss of the 11 people killed and nine others injured, while also advocating for stricter gun control laws.

“Tragically we keep saying the same things,” Harris said. “Congress must act. Should they? Yes. Can they? Yes.”

And do what exactly?

California has extensive gun control laws, none of which seemed to have done a blasted thing to prevent either of the shootings we’ve seen there recently.

So what is it that Congress should do exactly?

I have thought, of course, but I’m sure Vice president Harris wouldn’t agree.

You see, it’s clear to many that if California’s gun laws were unable to prevent such a shooting, then maybe we need to focus on something else instead.

One of the worst mass murders in fairly recent American history didn’t use a firearm. It involved a moving truck, fertilizer, and fuel oil. Oklahoma City was evidence that evil people will do evil things in whatever way they want.

So, it makes sense to try and focus our attention on preventing people from becoming evil as best we can.


That looks different for different kinds of violence. Many criminals aren’t necessarily evil but feel like they’re desperate. Others feel slighted and think there’s no other alternative to violence as a response.

With mass shooters, though, we know even less. We generally don’t understand what makes them tick, but we’re starting to ask those questions.

Earlier today, Cam wrote about a study by the Secret Service who found that a quarter of mass shooters believe in some kind of conspiracy theory.

Now, we live in an age where today’s conspiracy theory is tomorrow’s headline, but some of these go beyond that. It appears that there’s a bit of a link between being open to the idea that the Earth is flat with potentially becoming a mass shooter, though we don’t know how much of one.

We know that most mass shooters come from broken homes as well.

We’re just starting to get a glimpse under the hood, so to speak. If Harris wants Congress to act, then that’s where their efforts should lie. We won’t agree on assault weapon bans or magazine restrictions, but can’t we at least agree we need to study these shooters so we can try and prevent there from being more of them?

After all, even if guns vanished tomorrow, we’d still have moving trucks and fertilizer.

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