Activists lash out over preferred policies failing

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The mainstream media is clearly focused on undermining the Second Amendment. That seems clear as we see countless stories pushing an anti-gun narrative, including one I wrote about earlier today.


The truth is that many of today’s journalists are trained to be activists, not reporters.

This is clear based on this story from The Daily Northwestern, a student newspaper for Northwestern University.

Content warning: This article contains mentions of gun violence.

Yes, it contains an actual trigger warning.

That’s how you know this is going to be good.

Moving on…

Everytown for Gun Safety’s January report traced guns recovered by police from 2017 to 2021 among top manufacturers in 31 cities — including Evanston.

As the Evanston Police Department and local gun control activists continue pursuing efforts to stop gun violence, Everytown seeks to hold manufacturers responsible for the effects of the presence of guns in American communities, according to the study.

EPD Cmdr. Ryan Glew said guns used in local crimes aren’t always legally purchased or owned. The department runs a gun buyback program to reduce the number of guns in circulation and address the risk of gun theft.

Glew is, of course, correct. We have data that tells us how criminals generally get their guns. They rarely just walk into a gun store and buy it. That’s especially true due to the recidivism rates in this country. Most criminals are convicted felons. They can’t get a gun in a gun store.


But for the student “journalists” with the paper, facts don’t matter.

After all, they can instead beat their favorite hobby horses.

Community activist Carolyn Murray, who lost her son to gun violence, said the gun buyback program isn’t sufficient.

Since her son died, Murray has been advocating for a stronger approach in Evanston to combat gun violence. She thinks the lack of action is due to systemic racism.

“Evanston doesn’t have a money issue,” Murray said. “We just don’t have an issue with allowing the violence to plague our community. And I think we primarily grow up with a deaf ear on it, because it’s mostly African American males that are killed.”

Now, Murray is voicing an opinion here, but it’s funny that she’d go there.

This is in Illinois, after all. It’s one of the more anti-gun states in the nation. There are numerous gun control policies on the books that, at least according to gun control theory, should have prevented such things from happening.

They don’t.

But somehow, that didn’t make it into the report. Just a woman’s unfounded allegations based on her complete denial of the reality that gun control cannot work. Why would this be reported? Because the woman in question blamed racism.


The truth is that bad guys are going to get guns. Local police are powerless to prevent it. State and federal authorities are as well.

Frankly, there’s no reason this woman’s opinion should have been included. She has no relevant expertise, nor does she provide examples of this supposed racism.

And this is why modern journalism, especially with regard to gun issues, is in the state that it’s in.

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