David Hogg: Activists should go after guns like cigarettes

David Hogg: Activists should go after guns like cigarettes
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Anti-gun activist David Hogg has a bad habit of saying things that make absolutely no sense, especially when it comes to his activism.

Part of that is that he started young and immediately was elevated to the top of the heap. He never had to pay any dues and work his way up with literally anything, so he never got some of the worst ideas out of his system.

Now, with the anniversary of Parkland upon us, he’s getting the spotlight once again. Once again, he’s saying silly things.

Parkland gun control activist David Hogg believes the gun control lobby can succeed in restricting the Second Amendment if everyone will come together and target guns the way anti-tobacco activists targeted cigarettes.

Hogg was interviewed by CBS News on February 12, where he talked of how gun rights groups such as the NRA have often appeared unbeatable. But he believes the gun control lobby can succeed by taking cues from the anti-tobacco movement.

He said, “The tobacco industry is exactly the model that I think of in terms of the decades of work that it will take to address this issue.”

Brilliant, except this isn’t original or even intelligent.

The truth is that this only sounds like a good idea to Hogg because he really doesn’t get guns on any level. The tobacco industry hid studies that showed their products were bad for people, continuing to market a product that was killing its customers as if there were no harmful side effects of that product.

Guns are different.

Let’s start with the fact that everyone knows guns are dangerous. They may misunderstand the danger, but few would say there’s no danger from firearms. The firearms industry has done nothing to hide that. In fact, their marketing–the same marketing that’s being vilified by people like Hogg, I should add–actually makes that kind of clear.

Another difference between tobacco and guns is that I’ve never heard of a single incident where a cigarette saved someone’s life.

Oh, we’ve heard the jokes about how someone smoked so they didn’t kill someone, but I’m being serious here. No one has ever had their life saved by a cigarette so far as I’m aware. If it’s happened, it’s rare as hen’s teeth, so it’s little more than an anomaly, not something tobacco can really be credited for.

Guns, on the other hand, have. Millions of people every year use a gun to defend human life.

That means that no matter how much you want to treat the two industries the same, they’re anything but. Tobacco cannot be used to any significant degree without major health problems. Guns can.

But it’s funny, because while Hogg likes to pretend he doesn’t want to ban guns, he’s sure acting like someone who doesn’t recognize the beneficial side of firearms. Nothing in this sounds like someone who recognizes that guns serve a valid purpose in people’s lives.

Then again, that wouldn’t advance his cause. So, he’ll try and propose a way forward so that he can sound smart and clever to his anti-gun buddies, but David Hogg doesn’t want to go down this road too hard. If so, the boy is going to find himself seriously embarrassed.