Gun control battle waged on face of Michigan State landmark

Image by jackmac34 from Pixabay

In the wake of Michigan State, there are going to be a lot of anti-gun voices echoing throughout the land. That’s especially true on the campus, where everyone on the property will suddenly bill themselves as a survivor despite being on the other side of school property.

This will supposedly lend them some degree of gravitas with the anti-gun crowd.

Right now, though, the battles are a little different. Enter, The Rock.

No, not the wrestler-turned-actor. I mean a literal rock.

The Rock is a place on the university campus that was once a favorite place for couples to spend…um…quality time yet is now described as a billboard where literally anyone can paint whatever message they want.

Unsurprisingly, anti-gun voices used this opportunity to post in favor of gun control.

Ah, yes, the infinite favorite of the gun control side. They don’t see any other solution to gun control and ignore how spectacularly all of that failed in California just a month ago.

However, The Rock didn’t contain that message for long.

It seems pro-gun students stepped up and offered their own message.

It’s a simple request and one that would likely have made a huge difference Monday night.

The truth of the matter is that campus carry laws haven’t resulted in the bloodshed that many opponents claimed they would. However, campus carry may well have prevented a number of mass shootings.

Admittedly, we’ll never actually know if it did or didn’t, but that’s never stopped the gun control crowd from claiming victory over laws they can’t actually show accomplished anything, so why is the onus on us?

The truth is that just one armed citizen with the will to act could have put an end to what happened before it really got going. The killer would have been just another armed citizen story we posted here and likely would have been forgotten soon enough.

But no one could lawfully carry. Not in any of the buildings, anyway–Michigan’s law is a little wonky. You can have the gun on the campus, apparently, so long as you have a permit, but you can’t enter any buildings–so no one had the means to resist.

Now, three people are dead and five more are dealing with their injuries.

Would anyone in that building have been armed? We don’t know. We’ll never know.

What we know, though, is that there was never an option for them, and that may well be why the killer chose to carry out his attack there.

Gun control kills people.

I’m glad to see that pro-gun voices on the Michigan State campus aren’t being docile and just letting the gun control narrative flood over them without any kind of pushback. That’s usually what they want, after all, which is why they jump on the anti-gun podium before the bullets have even stopped flying, but nothing pro-gun is allowed to be uttered until well after the dust has settled, if even then.

Since painting The Rock is something everyone not just does but is allowed to do, I’m damn glad they did it. I’d still like it if it were vandalism, to be honest, but only because it was a response to earlier vandalism.

Luckily, it’s not, and I hope they keep up the effort.

All too often, the “survivors” are touted as being nearly universal in their opposition to the Second Amendment. It’s good to see clear signs that such isn’t the case at Michigan State. Keep up the good work, folks. If you need a donation for paint, holler and we’ll see what we can do for you.