Michigan AG sending mixed signals on guns

(Todd McInturf/Detroit News via AP, File)

I get it. The state of Michigan is kind of worked up after what happened at Michigan State. They would be.

However, I’ve always felt it was important that politicians, even in the aftermath of a horrible tragedy, make some kind of sense.


Yet it seems that’s not a big thing for some elected officials up that way. I think it’s best summed up with Breitbart’s headline, “Michigan A.G.: We Need Gun Control and Can’t Solve Shootings by Bringing Strict Charges Against Gun Criminals Because There Are So Many.”

So there you have it, the anti-gun, pro-sentencing reform Democrat in a nutshell.

And really, the headline is only part of it.

[Michigan Attorney General Dana] Nessel responded, “No, I think he’s absolutely false. And here’s why I say that: Carrying a concealed weapon is the crime that this individual, [name redacted], was originally charged with. In Michigan, that’s technically a five-year felony. But our guidelines in Michigan really don’t even allow someone to spend much time at all in jail unless they have many previous offenses. And, as far as I know, this was a first-time weapons-related offense for this individual. That is such a common crime here that, if we were to lock up everyone who illegally carried a gun, we’d have to build more prisons. So, to me, it’s not a matter of incarcerating our way through this problem, it’s a matter of making guns less accessible and available to people.”


Yet this is another state Democrat calling for gun control in the wake of Michigan State.

I can’t help but wonder just how she thinks new gun laws would actually work if violating them won’t lead to prosecution. Or is she trying to say that only some violations should be prosecuted, but not the kind that one might associate more closely with criminal activity?

After all, Michigan has permitting. The killer had initially applied for a permit. That application was pending when he was arrested for carrying illegally.

Those who carry without permits in states that require them are violating the law. Criminals are therefore more likely to carry without a permit than otherwise law-abiding citizens.

It’s not wrong to wonder why these crimes aren’t being prosecuted while lawmakers continue to scream to high heavens about how they need still more gun control.

It’s just insane.

Michigan is upset and mourning, but that’s no excuse to call for more gun control while simultaneously defending the fact that existing gun control laws aren’t being enforced. You’re going to find new regulations a much harder sell with many people in such circumstances.


Sure, the typical anti-gunner doesn’t care, but a lot of people who are more middle-of-the-road on such issues might not be thrilled with it. While the Michigan officials–all Democrats–may think those folks won’t care one way or another, they will.

Especially if they’re gun owners or prospective gun buyers who will watch themselves have to deal with the fallout while criminals carrying illegally continue to do so without fear of being prosecuted for it.

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