The View hosts turn Michigan State discussion on its head

(Lou Rocco/ABC via AP)

The View may well be some of the most mind-numbing television on these days. Frankly, I’m pretty sure it has played a role in many cutting cable and just streaming television instead of having to face the possibility of flipping through and seeing this bunch.


The program typically involves some degree of what passes for discussion, so it’s not surprising that the ladies of The View would talk about the Michigan State shooting.

Yet how quickly did they lose the plot.

The hosts of The View got into tense back and forth over the topic of gun control following the mass shooting at Michigan State University this week where three people were killed.

The hosts were in near-universal acceptance there need to be some much stricter gun restrictions on the books, and Alyssa Farah Griffin offered slight pushback, igniting the table.

“Legal gun ownership is fundamental in this country,” she said after saying she approves of expanded red flag laws, wait periods, and background checks.

Griffin said “sane” and “serious” Republicans want further restrictions and to target illegal guns, which morphed into a debate on the AR-15, which Sunny Hostin referred to as an “assault rifle” and a “weapon of mass destruction.” Hostin asked Griffin if she approved of citizens being legally able to own AR-15s, to which Griffin again only offered slight pushback.

“An AR-15, I don’t see any personal reason anyone would need to own. There’s a lot of sportsmen and collectors who do choose to have them,” Griffin said.


And from there it basically became a debate about so-called assault weapons.

Basically, they lost the plot.

See, right now, we’re still trying to learn about just what happened. There’s still a lot of information we don’t have, such as why the killer’s father said he had mental health issues but no efforts were made to try and get him help he needed. Or, conversely, did people try and the guy just refused to do anything with it?

We don’t know.

What we do know, though, is that the AR-15 wasn’t involved. There was no AR-15 used in this shooting, so why bring it up?

The answer is likely because the women of The View don’t actually understand guns to any degree so they lump them all together. Plus, let’s also be real here, they’re not different than any other gun control supporter. They don’t care if an AR-15 was used, they’re going to use the shooting in Michigan as a pretext to push for literally everything they want.

What’s funny is how they don’t seem to get how poorly that typically works out for them.


Sure, following Uvalde, they got the bipartisan gun control bill passed, but even they recognize that was about as weak of a gun control bill as they could possibly imagine and it did stuff that, frankly, many Republicans were OK with in the first place.

It really didn’t change the landscape all that much.

But their continued pushes for assault weapon bans following shootings that involve pistols make it pretty clear that they don’t actually care about what happened, they’re just using the bodies of the slain as soapboxes.

It’s ghoulish, to say the least, and the women on The View seem to be the most ghoulish of the bunch.

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