Man prosecuted for defending himself in Canada

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While many nations don’t think people don’t have a right to have a firearm, most of them do believe you have a right to defend yourself. How they think an 80-year-old grandmother is going to do that against a 17-year-old punk is beyond me, but they generally acknowledge that.


And, of course, defending yourself is big here.

In Canada, the nation most similar to the United States in overall culture, though, well…that doesn’t seem to be the case.

A 22-year-old is facing murder charges after he shot and killed a man who was allegedly attempting to rob his family home in Milton, Ont., his lawyer says.

The incident happened on Feb. 19 at about 5 a.m. at a residence on Gibson Crescent, which is near Ontario Street South and Louis St. Laurent Avenue

According to Halton Regional Police Service, a group of suspects “intent on committing a robbery” approached the house in question.

Once inside, they were reportedly confronted by an occupant and a number of gunshots were then fired within the home. A man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ali Mian, who lives in the home with his single mother, is now facing second-degree murder charges, his lawyer says.

In a statement provided to CP24, criminal lawyer Jag Virk said his client “shot at an intruder that broke into his home and attacked his mother.”

“He is a registered firearm owner and used his gun legally against an armed intruder,” Virk said. “He shouldn’t be charged with murder for protecting his mother from someone that broke into his home.”

No, he shouldn’t.

Virk is trying to argue that the intention wasn’t to kill the man, but to me, that’s the wrong line of defense here. Instead, the fact is that home invasions often turn fatal. There’s a legitimate reason for Mian to believe his life was in danger.


And yet, let’s remember that this is where some people want the United States to go.

Canada apparently has no respect for an individual’s right to defend themself, but we do. The question is, for how long?

How many times do we see someone act in self-defense, be that armed citizen or law enforcement, and then someone else starts screaming about how “they didn’t have to kill him!” No, they didn’t, but they needed to stop him and that involved shooting him until he stopped. The fact that it killed him in incidental.

Yet these people would then turn to try and address laws that protect self-defense, laws like Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine regulations. They’d want to overturn them, reframe them as “legalized murder” when they’re nothing of the sort, then disarm us.

While Canada isn’t the United States, it’s like I said before, they’re a glimpse into our future if we’re not very careful.

So, while I hope some sanity prevails and the charges against Mian are dropped, the truth is that we have to keep fighting our battles here so the countless Americans who have defended themselves with a firearm won’t face prosecution for doing so.

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