Singer Harry Styles to donate $1 million to gun control efforts

Singer Harry Styles to donate $1 million to gun control efforts
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I figured I was getting old when people were talking about apparently mainstream musicians I had never even heard of. After a while, it was common enough that I didn’t even bother to run to YouTube or Spotify to listen to them to see if they were worth listening to.


One such artist was Harry Styles.

The British singer is apparently well-listened to and has a huge fanbase. That’s going to serve him well on his upcoming tour.

What might hurt, though, is what he’s vowed to do with part of the money.

English pop singer Harry Styles is partnering with Mike Bloomberg-affiliated Everytown for Gun Safety’s Students Demand Action and donating one million dollars in tour proceeds to secure more gun control in America.

On February 27, 2023, Teen Vogue reported that Styles decided to join forces with Everytown following the May 24, 2022, Uvalde school attack that left 21 innocents dead.

The February Teen Vogue column provided greater details into the one million that will go to the Bloomberg-affiliated group, noting that Styles and Live Nation — the company producing his current tour — are committed to giving the money to the Everytown Support Fund. The Everytown Support Fund is used to fund pro-gun control lawsuits, among other things.

Well, that’s one reason for no one to bother going to see any of his concerts.

Look, Styles has every right to do what he wants with the money. I would never try to say otherwise.

What I will say, though, is that when someone makes it clear they’re going to take the profits they make from your purchase to work to erode our right to keep and bear arms, then you have a decision to make.

I can’t boycott Harry Styles because there was zero chance I’d go to one of his concerts in the first place. There’s a better shot of me falling madly in love with Shannon Watts and giving up all my guns, and since there’s absolutely no chance of that ever happening, you get the drift.


Yet some of you may plan on going, either for yourself or taking someone else to go enjoy his music. I won’t say you’re a bad person for still doing so, because you’re not.

What I will note, though, is that a portion of what you give to him will go to fund efforts dedicated to ultimately disarming you.

If you can sleep at night knowing that, then so be it. I won’t judge because it’s your life and your money.

I can say that even if everyone in my life begged for tickets to see Styles perform, in light of this, I can definitively say that I’ll be saving money.

Especially since Styles, as a British subject, really would be better off keeping his nose out of our affairs as a nation and instead looking at his own nation’s problems.

Unfortunately, everyone and their brother think they have a voice in American politics, and while there’s nothing illegal in what Styles wants to do so far as I’m aware, let’s always remember that Everytown will take money from non-Americans to try and foist political change onto our backs.

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