Uvalde families confront TX law enforcement official

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

The families of those slain at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX are upset. To be frank, they have every right to be upset.

We know that law enforcement handled that whole situation wrong, treating it like a hostage situation despite gunshots coming from inside the classroom. That made it an active shooter and protocol called for going into the building.


They did not.

So yeah, they have a reason to be upset, and it seems they’re making sure law enforcement officials know that.

amily members of victims killed in the Uvalde school shooting confronted Texas’ police chief Tuesday in an emotional end to a day of protests at the state Capitol over gun laws.

Velma Duran, whose sister Irma Garcia was one of two teachers killed at Robb Elementary School last May, scolded Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw as other Uvalde residents and gun control supporters looked on inside a committee room at the Capitol, where McCraw prepared to leave after testifying to lawmakers.

Nineteen students were killed in the Uvalde attack, one of the worst classroom shootings in U.S. history. Duran briefly brought the hearing to a halt as she yelled from her seat to McCraw over law enforcement officers waiting more than an hour to confront the gunman who had an AR-15-style rifle inside the fourth-grade classroom.

“They stood around and enabled the shooter to obliterate my sister. You couldn’t recognize her,” Duran said to McCraw. “Look at me!”

Several state police officers have come under fire for their performance during the situation, which also has McCraw on the hot seat.

It’s bad enough that some are demanding McCraw resign.

Frankly, I want more information before I make such a determination, but if he or his people are responsible for that particular fiasco–in particular, waiting outside rather than going in–then for once, I’m in agreement with the people screaming for gun control.


The truth is that we don’t necessarily know that anyone would have been killed if law enforcement had followed protocol. There may have been some deaths, unfortunately, but nowhere near the scale of what we ended up seeing.

It simply shouldn’t have happened that way and in this case, the families are right to be upset and to look to law enforcement to step up and answer for any and all mistakes they made.

What’s truly unfortunate is that all too often, they don’t.

Then we top it off with the fact that these families were there demanding gun control. It seems bizarre to me that you can look at how law enforcement failed to protect the most vulnerable among us, yet somehow think that you should be denied the means to protect yourself.

It honestly makes no sense to me at all.

Then again, those who lose folks to such horrific circumstances often aren’t particularly logical. I may disagree with them, but I don’t hold it against them. Not when the wounds are so fresh.

But I will say they’re right to call out law enforcement failures. That’s where emotion and logic meet on this.

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