Huffington Post laments Bruen preventing gun control

Huffington Post laments Bruen preventing gun control
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The Bruen decision really upset the gun control apple cart.

Based on the history and text standard laid out in the Supreme Court’s decision, a lot of existing gun control laws are likely just counting the days before they’re overturned by the courts.


As Cam mentioned earlier today, over at the Huffington Post they’re upset about something different. They’re upset that gun control laws aren’t even passing.

New Mexico’s Senate Judiciary Committee gathered recently to figure out how much latitude they had to regulate guns after last year’s bombshell Second Amendment ruling from the Supreme Court.

Most sounded confused. Some seemed unaware that the laws they passed might not hold up in court if a similar regulation hadn’t been on the books in the 18th century. One lawmaker called the ruling “mind-boggling.” Another asked whether their authority was now limited to regulating firearms “where you have to manually load the gunpowder.”

New Mexico’s legislative session last month opened with gun reform high on the agenda. After a string of politically motivated shootings at the homes of Democratic legislators in Albuquerque, Gov. Michelle Luján Grisham (D) called for a series of firearm restrictions, including an assault weapons ban, in her State of the State speech in January.

But with a week left to go before the session ends, lawmakers are cautiously approaching gun bills and are wary of passing laws that will run afoul of a Supreme Court that has taken a firm stance on the side of gun rights. The legislature is likely to pass some gun reform before the session ends, but lawmakers say an assault weapons ban would be unlikely to hold up in court, and they’re uncertain about a proposal to raise the age to buy some types of firearms from age 18 to 21.


They see that as a bug whereas I see it as a feature.

The truth of the matter is that gun control isn’t a solution. It’s just a new set of problems dressed up to make lawmakers appear to give a damn about a different problem.

The fact that Bruen is making lawmakers pause before they pass new gun control laws is hardly a bad thing. In fact, they should have been pausing all along.

It’s not like the Second Amendment is new. It’s been on the books for over two centuries, after all, and the text isn’t that difficult to comprehend unless you will yourself to misunderstand it.

So lawmakers pausing is hardly a bad thing. The only issue is, as I’ve said, it should have happened a long time ago.

But the folks at the Huffington Post would rather try and paint the Bruen decision as some obstacle.

Well, they’re free to do so. The First Amendment is also a thing that’s been on the books for more than two centuries.

However, I’m also free to point and laugh at them.

The reason New Mexico is pausing before passing gun control laws that are likely to be slapped down by the courts is because Bruen isn’t that difficult to understand. They see where things are going and, for once, lawmakers are thinking of the Constitution before passing blatantly unconstitutional laws.


That’s cause for celebration, not lamentation.

Unless, of course, you work for the Huffington Post.

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