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Three nine-year-old children and three adult staff members were viciously gunned down at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

This, you likely already know. Cam covered this yesterday.


However, since then, a lot has become known.

For example, we now know that the shooter was born female but reportedly identified as male. Yes, the shooter appears to be trans and targeted a Christian school. There appears to have been some kind of manifesto left behind, though police haven’t released the contents of that as of yet.

It also appears that The Covenant School wasn’t the only school set to be targeted, but the killer backed out due to tighter security.

Score one for hardening schools.

However, since events unfolded, we’ve had an opportunity for some degree of reaction.

For example, we have one gun control advocate who apparently rushed from Highland Park, Illinois to Nashville, just to co-opt a press conference and advocate for gun control.

A gun control activist used a shooting in Nashville, Tennesse, to advocate for action.

After a press conference on the shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville on Monday, a woman took the opportunity to appeal for action on gun control.

“Aren’t you guys tired of covering this? Aren’t you guys tired of being here and having to cover all these mass shootings?” she asked reporters.

She went on to share she lives in Highland Park, Illinois, where there was a mass shooting on July 4, 2022. That shooting left seven people dead and dozens injured.


I find this particularly disgusting.

We’re trying to get information and this twit decides it’s a fine time to grandstand. Further, let’s note a few things here. This is someone who traveled nearly 8 hours just to jump in front of a camera and draw attention to themselves at a time when we’re still trying to figure out just what all happened.

So yeah, it’s disgusting, but every movement is going to have their twits.

Speaking of that, President Biden also had opinions.

US President Joe Biden says more needs to be done to stop gun violence following the shooting at a Nashville Christian school on Monday.

“We have to do more to stop gun violence – it’s ripping our communities apart.

President Biden called on Congress to pass an assault weapons ban, saying we “need to do more to protect our schools”.

From what we know about this incident, the school security upgrades advocated for by Republicans after Parkland would have done the trick. After all, the killer skipped a potential second target because security was too tight.

Here’s the thing that no one in the media is prepared to talk about, and that’s whether this attack was politically motivated.


We have a trans shooter and we have a Christian church.

For many people, that’s all the connection they need. I’m not so sure, though. The Covenant School was affiliated with Covenant Presbyterian Church. The Presbyterian church has typically been favorable to trans people. However, that’s mostly been in the form of PCUSA an overall governing body for Presbyterian churches in the US. I have issues with PCUSA, which is why I know there’s also Presbyterian Church in America, or PCA.

It seems that Covenant was PCA, and I haven’t been able to find a straight answer on PCA’s stance on anything LGBT.

So while this may well be a politically-motivated, targeted attack, this isn’t as cut-and-dried as some might like to believe. As per usual after something like this, we need to wait and see.

We will continue following this story.

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