Giffords grades most states as "F" in annual report

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There are a plethora of anti-gun groups, but Giffords is one of the loudest and most annoying. They’re not annoying because they’re particularly effective, but because their buddies in the media like to pretend they’re actually experts.


One of the things that Giffords does each year is “award” each state a grade based on how much they advanced gun control the previous year.

It seems this year, most states got an “F”.

Most US states get a failing grade on gun laws, according to a new scorecard published by theGiffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

The group, which advocates for stricter gun laws as a way to save lives, gave What Matters a first look at the new analysis.

So “F” stands for “Fantastic!”


However, CNN–the news agency that’s supposed to be returning to unbiased reporting–immediately goes to show why no one takes them seriously anymore.

The key point is that more permissive gun laws equal more gun deaths in US states:

  • Of the 10 states with the highest proportion of gun deaths per 100,000 peoplein 2021, all got failing grades – an F – from Giffords, except New Mexico, which got a C+.
  • Of the 10 states with the lowest proportion of gun deaths per 100,000 peoplein 2021, all got passing grades except New Hampshire.

See, the problem that CNN failed to identify is the fact that Giffords doesn’t link those deaths to any other potential factors such as economics.

For example, many of those 10 states with the highest “gun death” rate are also poor states. There’s a long and well-recognized link between violent crime and poverty. Further, “gun deaths” includes suicides. Guess what is a key reason people often become suicidal? Money issues.

Giffords is a gun control organization. They don’t want to look for other potential causes for so-called gun violence. If they did, they’d have to give up any pretense of actually being about gun safety as opposed to gun control.

Yet the truth remains that violent crime is a complicated thing with complicated roots. No matter how much Giffords tries to pencil-whip the data to make it appear that things are cut and dried, the truth doesn’t bend to their organizational will.

At the end of the day, the Giffords grade means nothing.

Oh, they think they do and their anti-gun allies think it does, but no one on the supposedly low end of the scale really cares that they got an “F.” That’s because of the fact that they know Giffords doesn’t look beyond gun control for literally anything.


The truth is that they know we’re not interested in giving up our rights. If they were serious about reducing acts of violence, they’d at least consider discussing non-gun control solutions.

They’re not. They never will be. Their entire reason for existing is to take away your right to keep and bear arms.

So yeah, states that got an “F” are the states that are winning in many regards. They have problems. Giffords, however, doesn’t really have solutions.

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