Tennessee Democrats face expulsion over anti-gun rally

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It’s not surprising that there have been anti-gun efforts underway in Tennessee following last Monday’s shooting that left six people dead, including three children, at a Nashville Christian school.


It’s also not surprising that some of those efforts have included at least one rally.

What is surprising, though, is three Tennessee lawmakers may lose their jobs over it.

Three state representatives were removed from their committees after they participated in last week’s gun control rallies at the Tennessee State Capitol and led a protest on the House floor, according to Speaker of the House of Representatives Cameron Sexton.

House resolutions were filed on Monday to expel Reps. Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson from the House. This came after House Speaker stripped all three of their committee and subcommittee seats, according to Ken Jobe, the House Democratic Caucus press secretary.

The House voted to consider the resolutions to expel the representatives during Thursday’s session as part of the Unfinished Business portion of the calendar.

Sexton said he stripped them of their committees after they led a protest on the House floor on Thursday morning with a bullhorn. The lawmakers also had their badges and garage passes deactivated after the event.


To be clear, the issue here isn’t that they took part in an anti-gun rally, nor should it be. They have every right to make whatever stands on the issues they feel are best, even if I find their stand repugnant.

Where they screwed up was leading the protest onto the House floor.

It shouldn’t matter what their stand is, that’s going too far. It’s not that the protest just organically spilled onto the floor for some reason. No, these three led the protestors there, all in an effort to make a statement.

The Democrats in question claim they had been effectively silenced during the week following Nashville, supposedly having their mics cut off when they spoke out about gun control or whatever. I can’t speak on that.

Yet this is the 21st Century. With things like Twitter, Facebook, and legacy media, they could have said what they felt they needed to without disrupting the Tennessee legislature.

If they get bounced, they get bounced.

Frankly, I won’t lose a moment’s sleep, either, because this isn’t about free speech. If it were, I’d be saying some very different things. After all, I value all my rights and that means I have to defend others exercising those rights, even if I disagree with them.


That’s not where the line was drawn, though. This is different than someone just exercising their freedom of speech and someone not liking what they heard.

If these three are expelled, though, don’t expect much to change. Not in the grand scheme of things, anyway. Tennessee isn’t going to embrace gun control like folks like the Democrats in question may like, and that’s the good news for folks in the state.

The bad news is that these twits are keeping people from talking about any actual solutions because they have their knickers in a twist for gun control as the only possible answer for anything.

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