Note to Karine Jean-Pierre: Gun control isn't the answer

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The job of the White House press secretary is to basically serve as the mouthpiece of the administration. I understand that, and while I doubt the current press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, disagrees with her boss on much, I’m actually talking to the administration as a whole.


This is important because she said something during one of her briefings recently that got me more than a little upset.

Once again, the White House has decided to step in and pretend that there’s no actual debate on the efficacy of gun control laws, only whether we should pass them or not.

I’m sorry, but that’s not remotely the case.

People like Jean-Pierre routinely present this as if it’s an indisputable fact, that pro-gun lawmakers are simply refusing to advance the legislation because they’re vile.

Then they wonder why people don’t just go along with what they’re asking for.

The truth is that the White House has failed to make a reasonable case that not only will gun control save lives–spoiler: it won’t–but also that it’s within the government’s power to regulate guns in the matter the White House is suggesting.

Neither of those things has happened.

Oh, Jean-Pierre’s buddies in the media and academia have tried to build those cases through seriously flawed studies and heavily biased news reports, but they don’t really sway people who actually look at those things critically.


Jean-Pierre works in a building that is both open to the public and has tight security. She is protected by armed security from the moment she shows up for work to the moment she leaves. The building is very secure and few people seem bothered by that idea.

So while she’s trying to guilt-trip Republicans into supporting gun control, perhaps she can explain why her workplace is deserving of such protection but the buildings we send our children to aren’t. Why is there such opposition to armed security in our schools?

“That’s just more guns,” some allege, such as CNN’s Dana Bash recently tried to argue.

Yet what they cannot seem to comprehend is that a gun is a device with no volition of its own. It is a tool that requires someone or something to act upon it. To paraphrase History Channel show Tales of the Gun, it has served hero and villain alike.

The mere presence of a firearm doesn’t mean bad outcomes, as Jean-Pierre should be well aware. She delivered the above statement surrounded by them.

To flip the script, Across America, our kids are paying the price for the actions of Democratic lawmakers who continue to REFUSE to take action on securing our schools. See, Karine? Two can play this game.

Gun control is not the answer. If you ban assault weapons, you’re forgetting that the worst school shooting of the modern era, Virginia Tech, had a killer that only used handguns. If you try to restrict magazine capacity, you’re forced to pretend that the Parkland killer didn’t use 10-round magazines.


Literally every gun control proposal has serious flaws in them, making them useless for protecting our kids, yet the things that can protect them? We’re blasted from even suggesting them.

Hell, Shannon Watts got her knickers in a twist over trauma kits in schools. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, I don’t know what will.

So Jean-Pierre can stand there at that podium and try to level the blame and pretend no one on the right is open to discussion about protecting our kids, but we all know the truth.

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