Biden again calling for gun control

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

In the wake of the shooting in a Louisville bank, President Joe Biden is once again back in his typical form.

We still know very little about what exactly happened, pretty much just that a bank employee took a gun to work and killed five people, but why let details get in the way of pushing gun control?


That’s precisely what President Biden did.

President Biden on Monday called gun control measures “long overdue,” urging Republicans in Congress to act in the wake of the mass shooting in Louisville, Ky., earlier that day.

Biden questioned in a statement how much more gun violence needs to occur before Republicans agree to work on gun control measures, blaming the GOP for the lack of action.

“How many more Americans must die before Republicans in Congress will act to protect our communities?” the president said. “It’s long past time that we require safe storage of firearms. Require background checks for all gun sales. Eliminate gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability. We can and must do these things now.”

Except none of those appear to be relevant to what just happened, though that’s hardly surprising.

After all, there’s no evidence the killer in Louisville somehow took an improperly stored gun from someone’s home. There’s no suggestion he didn’t undergo a background check, and if it did there’s little evidence to suggest he wouldn’t have passed one. Further, gun makers had nothing to do with the shooting.

So which of these measures would have stopped this from happening?

The answer, of course, is none of them. Biden, like so many other anti-gunners, is a big believer in never letting a crisis go to waste, only in this case the “crisis” is the loss of five innocent lives.

Once again, we see the president using the bodies of the slain as a soapbox from which he will push his agenda–one that is devoid of anything that even hints at being related to the shooting that just happen.


Biden asks how much gun violence needs to happen before we’ll pass these measures, but I have to ask how many people have to die before anti-gun lawmakers start to get the picture that gun control won’t stop these things from happening.

What we need is a concerted effort to dig into these incidents and understand what kind of psychological issues are present in the kind of people who do these things. We need to get into their heads so we can learn and hopefully treat people suffering from such disorders and put a halt to shootings in the future.

For all the talk of gun control being the answer, no one can seem to respond to the fact that these do happen in other countries, even those with very strict gun control. Those measures don’t actually stop mass shootings.

Further, since we also know that their total homicide rates are higher than our non-gun homicide rates, then maybe the problem is something here in the United States besides simple access to guns.

But that would be inconvenient.

Biden would rather scream about guns than acknowledge we might have real problems.

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