Colorado considering "ghost gun" ban

Image by whitebullfilms from Pixabay

I remember when Colorado was a fairly pro-gun state.

Those days are now long behind us, though, as the state seems determined to follow the same path toward Second Amendment infringement states like California have followed.


Their next target appears to be so-called ghost guns.

After all, while we know the dangers are overstated, the media loves to spout them anyway.

Yet they may soon be illegal in Colorado.

Making, possessing and selling so-called ghost guns, the untraceable homemade weapons linked to several recent high-profile Colorado shootings, will likely soon be illegal in the state.

Democrats in the state legislature Wednesday are expected to introduce a measure outlawing the firearms as part of their package of bills this year aimed at curbing gun violence in Colorado.

When guns are made by licensed manufacturers, they are required to have an engraved serial number. If that type of weapon is used in a crime, investigators can trace where it was purchased and by whom.

Which, it should be noted, only goes so far. If the original owner sold it, that may be the end of the trail. Especially if they sold it anywhere that a universal background check isn’t required. Even if it is, though, that doesn’t mean the tracing can continued.

Further, many guns used in crimes are stolen. Tracing a gun to the victim of a theft isn’t exactly helpful in arresting the actual killer, now is it?


That’s something that gets missed in this whole “ghost guns can’t be traced” hysteria.

Under the bill, which is set to be introduced in the state Senate, people who already own firearms that have no serial number will have until the start of 2024 to have them engraved with a serial number by a licensed dealer. That transaction would require a background check and recording of the serial number.

The bill would also outlaw the purchase and possession of any unfinished firearms that don’t have serial numbers and can be easily assembled, and it would outlaw devices that would let semi-automatic ghost guns fire at a rate similar to an automatic weapon.

First, it won’t stop these guns from being made or sold criminally within the state. All it will do is interfere with law-abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Second, while the report claims there have been several “high-profile” shootings in the state that used them, what we also know is that most of the time, those who had such guns could have also gotten their hands on some other type of weapon just as easily, so this law won’t actually stop those shootings from happening.


Finally, it seems Colorado lawmakers have forgotten about Bruen.

Unless they can find a similar gun control law from around the time of the nation’s founding, that law is going to be declared unconstitutional when it’s challenged. After all, we’ve already seen one law against unserialized firearms overturned by a federal court, and that was one where a traditionally manufactured gun’s serial number was obliterated. Does anyone think this law will get any different?

Colorado is looking to restrict guns, but that’s barking up the wrong tree.

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