Four dead, 28 injured at Alabama birthday mass shooting

Police Line / Police Tape" by Tony Webster is marked with CC BY 2.0 DEED.

It’s never a good morning when I’m writing about a mass shooting. However, they do happen, though not as often as some people would like for you to believe.


However, it seems that the state of Alabama experienced one on Saturday night, leaving four people dead and another 28 injured.

From ABC News:

At least four people were killed and multiple others injured when a shooting broke out late Saturday at a crowded birthday party in a small rural Alabama town, authorities said.

The shooting in Dadeville, Alabama, about 60 miles northeast of Montgomery, unfolded around 10:34 p.m., according to a statement released Sunday morning by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Special agents from ALEA launched a death investigation at the request of the Dadeville Police Chief, according to the ALEA statement.

ALEA released no further details.

Brownie Caldwell, a Dadeville city council member councilwoman, confirmed to ABC News that an investigation of a shooting at a venue in downtown Dadeville was underway Sunday morning. Caldwell referred all questions to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Among the dead was a star high school football player.

As noted, there are still an awful lot of questions, such as who was the shooter/shooters? Is there a known motive for the shooting? Was this just a random mass shooting or is it somehow tied to something like gang activity–which is fairly common for shootings at parties like this, apparently.

We don’t know much right now. What we can’t tell is how much of that is because law enforcement doesn’t know much more or how much is that they’ve just opted not to share it with the public right now.

Yet the lack of information tells us a few things.


For one thing, we can surmise that the shooter or shooters are still at-large or were killed in the shooting themselves. If they’d been killed or arrested, that information would likely already have been shared with the public.

That suggests that this wasn’t a mass shooting as we typically think of one–meaning one that has nothing to do with any other criminal activity.

Of course, I could be wrong on this one.

Among the things we don’t know is what kind of firearm was used, how the killers got it, or much of anything else. Those questions will hopefully be answered at some point later today, but it may be several more days before we know anything.

And since this happened Saturday night, that seems kind of bizarre.

Following the shooting at Michigan State, for example, we knew an awful lot about what happened and who did it by the next morning. In this case, we know very little.

Of course, none of that has stopped the usual suspects from voicing their calls for gun control. We’ll delve more into that later today, but nothing about this should be overly surprising.

Since this isn’t exactly a fundamental switch or anything, nothing will really change because of those renewed calls, which is for the best. Especially since we know so little about this shooting right here and now, as of this writing.

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