Michigan county declares itself "constitutional county"

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

While we often use the term “red state” and “blue state”–or, in our case, “pro-gun state” and “anti-gun state”–the truth is that few states are really that cut-and-dried. Most are made up of people from all sides of the debate.


Michigan, for example, may be leaning anti-gun these days, but they’re not universally so.

Now, one county there has decided to pass a resolution proving that point.

On Monday Livingston County declared itself a so-called “Constitutional County.”

The county’s board of commissioners voted unanimously to pass this resolution. Many are saying this is a grassroots effort to push back against Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s gun control policies.

“You gentlemen are patriots,” said one resident during public comment.

A full house was in attendance for the vote on a resolution stating the county’s commitment to the U.S. and Michigan Constitutions. It is also a rebuke of recent gun reform efforts passed by the Democrat-majority state legislature and signed into law by Whitmer days ago.

“People need to be able to protect themselves and their families,” said one resident.

The resolution declares support for Livingston County’s Sheriff and Prosecutor and quote “encourages their utmost discretion” in enforcing state laws.

Sheriff Mike Murphy has already announced his opposition to a not-yet-signed bill that allows judges to take a person’s guns away if they are deemed a threat to themselves or someone else – policies known as “red flag” laws.


Whitmer’s office simply pointed out that there’s majority support for her efforts, but that’s really not a response. For one thing, much of that support lies in urban centers, not in Livingston County.

For another, I suspect people will find they don’t support red flag laws as much as they currently do should they get an opportunity to see how they actually work up close and personal.

It should be noted that this isn’t actually a sanctuary resolution. They’re not nullifying state law within the county’s borders. They’re just urging law enforcement and prosecutors to basically not use these new laws, which, frankly, is well within their authority.

Whitmer and other Michigan officials may not like it, of course, but these are public officials too. They’re simply representing the will of their constituents.

And I think they’re probably doing a better job of it than Whitmer, who is only listening to a segment of the population that thinks they need laws like this but doesn’t live somewhere where guns are a way of life.

Then again, it’s not like Whitmer really cares what people in Michigan want, anyway. She was going to do this from the start and we all know it. All she did was capitalize on the Michigan State shooting to make sure it happened and to pretend she was just following the will of the people.


These, of course, would be the same people who always find their way to support gun control in the immediate aftermath of a shooting, but settle down a few months later.

Livingston County’s resolution is the kind of thing a lot more counties in Michigan need to do. Whitmer needs to understand that Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Detriot aren’t the totality of the state.

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