Kentucky Ballistics's new video raises interesting questions

Image by Norm_Bosworth from Pixabay

Like many people, I spend a fair bit of time on YouTube. Not all of it by any stretch, but enough.

Sometimes, YouTube’s suggestions are absolute crap, but on Monday, I got an interesting video suggested. Kentucky Ballistics did another video with his infinitely memeable 4 bore rifle.


It seems he decided to shoot a couple of ballistics dummies with the shoulder-fired cannon and, frankly, you’ve got to see it.

Now, we’ve heard firearms described as being able to take someone’s head off, but that’s the first I’ve seen that could literally do it.

I don’t care who you are, that’s impressive. So impressive, in fact, that I had every intention of writing about just that.

I mean, this gun is huge, loud, probably painful to shoot, and serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

I want two.

As I thought about it, though, I realized something interesting.

You see, this gun would survive pretty much every gun control bill currently being discussed anywhere in the country. It’s single-shot, so assault weapon bans wouldn’t do much to it. It’s a rifle, so handgun restrictions won’t do a lot, either.

Yet this single shot is far more destructive than the much-vilified AR-15.

While opponents of so-called assault weapons are quick to overstate the power of those weapons, the 4 bore is everything they claim to oppose. It can actually do the damage that they claim an AR-15 can when it actually can’t.


The ballistics on this thing is insane.

“But it’s just a single shot. It can only hurt one person at a time,” someone might try to counter, but if you see the video, the penetration from that slug is enough that I have little doubt it could hurt or kill multiple people with a single trigger pull.

In other words, this weapon would survive every assault weapon ban bill in the nation, yet it could probably do a lot more damage than any “assault weapon” ever could.

Now, I’m not saying it should be restricted. It most definitely shouldn’t be. I’m pretty sure the price of everything does more than enough restricting as it is. We don’t need laws to keep these out of anyone’s hands.

My point, though, is that this does everything anti-gunners claim more famous guns do, but without anyone even blinking at the old 4 bore.

It’s damn sure not useful for hunting–and remember, that’s one of the criticisms of the AR-15–and it’s not even useful for self-defense, which was the justification a federal court gave for upholding a magazine ban.


Yet this gun isn’t up for banning anywhere in the nation that I’m aware of. While I’m not a lawyer, it looks like this even survives California’s .50 caliber ban simply because it’s not .50 caliber.

At the same time, this firearm has a destructive potential that should cause your average anti-gunner to wet their pants.

I’m pretty sure Kentucky Ballistics just posted the video because he thought it would be cool, and if so, he was right. It’s all kinds of awesome.

But it also blasts away some of the arguments regarding gun control just as sure as it disintegrated those dummies’ heads.

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