About that veteran calling for gun control in the media...

AP Photo/LM Otero

If the anti-gun media loves anything, it’s a self-described gun owner calling for gun control.

They’ll make these guys the poster child for the supposedly sensible crowd that just wants whatever it is that they’re told they should want.

It’s rare that they bother to vet anyone.

Take this individual CNN spoke with:

Steven Spainhouer rushed to the gruesome scene after receiving a call from his son, who works at the mall’s H&M store and was hiding in a break room.

Spainhouer, a former police officer and Army veteran, said the degree of carnage at the mall was “unfathomable.”

“It’s tough when you see a family that’s out shopping, having fun, get wiped off the face of the Earth,” he told KTVT.

Now, he’s calling for gun reform – not just thoughts and prayers.

“If you don’t change our gun laws, put red flag laws in place and take the high capacity weapons of the street, it’s going to happen again,” Spainhouer told CNN.

“If we don’t do something other than giving prayers and best wishes when tragedy happens it will happen again. It could happen to you.”

Elsewhere, CNN described him as…you guessed it, a gun owner.

This, of course, is to illustrate that even gun owners can see the issues and they want “common sense gun control” and they want it now.

Spainhouer is just a concerned citizen, right?

Well, not really.

You see, our sister site, Twitchy, had an interesting piece yesterday. It seems Twitter sleuths did some digging on Spainhouer.

He’s not some concerned citizen who has seen too much.

No, he’s a gun-grabbing Democrat.

These were all within the last month.

See, Spainhouer isn’t just some garden variety gun owner who has seen a senseless act of violence and has somehow become a true believer.

He might own some guns, but he’s not representative of gun owners as a whole.

No, he’s an outspoken Democratic politician who has called for gun control long before this.

CNN just didn’t bother to vet him in any way before plastering his face and name up as if he were representative of anything other than you’ll find plenty of gun control fans among Democrats.

They were quick to put him on television, paste his name all over the place, and pretend his opinions carry a certain weight because he owns a shotgun or something.

We’ve got a term for people like this.

Make no mistake, though, Spainhouer doesn’t represent the gun community.

Yet we’re likely to see a lot more things like this. Why? Because our own sense of decency would prevent us from showing up at the site of an awful tragedy and making a political statement.

We’d be more focused on the horrific act and the loss of life. We’d offer prayers for the families who lost someone and we’d pray that the injured made a full recovery.

After I lost my friend, Kim, I was sought out by one of the Seattle news agencies. I never thought about talking politics, and I was pretty political then. How could I think of something like that? Something awful happened and that’s where my attention went.

But for anti-gunners, they don’t look at it that way.

In their minds, their cause is so righteous that they’ll swoop in and make their declarations to the press. In their mind, they’re doing more and it’s justified by what happened.

They’re justified in pushing gun control, or so they believe, and they’ll do it anywhere and everywhere.

Meanwhile, places like CNN will just run with the claims of them being just gun owners or concerned citizens without doing even a quick search to see if that’s true or not.

Some claims just look too good to investigate, I suppose.