Texas Republican wants to tighten gun laws

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When it comes to the issue of gun laws, it should be nonpartisan, but we have a general idea of how things will break down. Democrats will want gun control and Republicans won’t.


However, it’s not universal. Some Democrats have been known to oppose gun laws and we’ve got at least one Texas Republican who seems to want them.

Frederick Frazier says his wife and two children were shopping at Allen Premium Outlets on Saturday, May 6, about an hour before eight people were murdered there.

The Republican state representative from McKinney said it’s now clear to him that it’s time to start talking about tightening gun laws in Texas.

“What are we doing about it?” he said. “That’s the big question I ask myself every single day. And I’ve got to figure this out, because I have a feeling that a lot of folks just say, this is just part of life.”

“It shouldn’t be,” he said.

Frazier’s state house district borders Allen.

He told WFAA he is “absolutely” willing to consider changes, particularly to laws surrounding AR-15 style weapons.

“Are we making it too easy for them to get these weapons? Why is that particular weapon the weapon of choice every time?” he asked.

Well, for one thing, let’s remember that Frazier is bound to be a little rattled because his wife and kids could have been there were it not for a quirk of timing. That’s going to mess with your head.


Further, though, it’s not every time. Take the two mass shootings within two days in California earlier this year. Neither of those used an AR-15 or a similar rifle. Michigan State didn’t use an AR-15, either.

In fact, a lot of mass shootings didn’t use such things.

However, the popularity of the AR-15 for many mass killers is due to the same factor that I think has led Frazier to look at passing gun laws in Texas: The media.

I’m down on the media as a general thing, to be sure, but let’s remember that most of us still get our information from the mainstream media to some extent. Even if you get it from the internet, it’s often still filtered through CNN, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, USA Today, etc.

Frazier, while he may follow places like Townhall, also likely monitors the more mainstream news, particularly around his district.

And that’s the same media that seems unwilling to talk about any solutions to mass shootings other than new gun laws. It’s also the same media that has pushed this idea of the AR-15 being super deadly, likely leading many potential mass shooters to buy them in the first place.


What’s more, we don’t hear a lot out of pro-gun groups in the media debunking the claim that gun control is the answer. Whether that’s the media not asking or the groups not saying is something I honestly don’t know. Some groups like the Second Amendment Foundation focus on lawsuits, so it’s not really those groups I’m talking about.

It’s the others that take our money and promise results, but we hear absolutely nothing from in times like this.

For voters in Frazier’s district, none of this may matter. They might decide to keep him or vote him out. I’d prefer the latter, regardless of the reasons. However, let’s not pretend there aren’t reasons he might not see alternative ways to address what happened.

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