Why are Democrats pushing for gun laws they won't enforce?

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Throughout the nation, there are thousands of gun laws on the books.

Sure, Kennesaw, Georgia requires every household to have a gun, but it’s a notable exception in a nation where pretty much every other gun law is about restricting guns or gun owners.


And yet, as Washington Examiner opinion writer Zachary Faria notes, many of what they’re calling for won’t be enforced.

Democrats continue to stand on the bodies of shooting victims to demand more gun control, only for them to refuse to enforce gun laws that already exist and allow more people to be shot and killed.

The latest round of demands for gun control stemmed from a shooting at a mall in Allen, Texas. The Biden administration predictably launched another round of gun control demands, as did Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), the poster boy for gun control ghouls who try to emotionally manipulate people into agreeing with him or painting them as heartless monsters.

However, in Chicago, you can see exactly what Democrats think of gun control. There, an off-duty police officer was shot and killed. One of the suspects involved in her death was a man who had a previous criminal history that includes multiple gun crimes that were not taken seriously by Democrat prosecutors.

This suspect had assaulted a police officer after being arrested with a gun with an extended magazine. He also had an indictment on felony gun charges that led to him pleading guilty to aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. In addition, he was arrested in a SWAT raid where he was sleeping near a “ghost gun” with an extended magazine.

For his multiple gun crimes, this suspect received a grand total of two years of probation and 50 hours of community service from his guilty plea and absolutely nothing for the other offenses. Charges were dropped against him twice.


Now, understand that I don’t think any of that should have been illegal in the first place. However, in Chicago, it is. None of that is permissible and yet, the suspect broke all of those rules.

He got probation and community service, none of which did anything to actually make him reconsider his ways.


That’s a big issue when you’re trying to tell me that we need more and more restrictions on our rights to deal with any given problem, be it crime in general or mass shootings in particular.

For the criminal, as we can see in this example, gun laws aren’t restrictions. They’re obstacles to be overcome. That can be done easily because if there is a demand for something, someone will figure out a way to meet that demand.

As such, the only viable option is to either punish that person so as to get them off the streets and hopefully warn others that they face this, or not.

We see what can happen with not punishing them.

And no, probation isn’t punishment. Not really.

Someone on probation has to spend some time with a probation officer and meet a few requirements/restrictions in their lives, but they’re still free to live their lives however they want, for the most part. That might be enough for some, but for many others, this is nothing.


So why are we being told we should pass gun control when those who most need to be controlled are going to ignore it completely?

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