Elon Musk makes based tweet about Second Amendment

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Elon Musk hasn’t always gotten it right the owner of Twitter, but he’s a far cry better than what we’ve gotten elsewhere on social media. For one thing, his tenure at Twitter hasn’t been marked by the blanket silencing of people on the right while allowing the other side to be as vile and nasty as they want.


That’s a pretty big win, really.

But his defense of rights has generally been relegated to the First Amendment. That makes sense, though, because free speech is at the heart of what Twitter does and Musk has described himself as a free speech absolutist.

A tweet he made over the weekend shows the South African-born billionaire has a better grip of the Constitution than many members of Congress.

This is presented in a somewhat silly manner, but it’s 100 percent correct.

I’ve generally described the Second Amendment as the insurance policy the Founding Fathers took out in order to make sure that we, the American people, had the means to preserve the rest of our rights. Without guns, we have no choice but to go along with whatever tyranny is imposed on us.

While they also tried to put a system of checks and balances in place to prevent us from getting to that point, there’s a flaw in the system. It’s the same flaw in any system, really. It requires people, and people are flawed.

Over time, tyranny could still come to our shores, probably in the guise of “this is for your own good.”

Enter the Second Amendment.

It should be noted, though, that Musk hasn’t really given much of any indication he’s a gun guy. Sure, he had a couple of “guns” on his bedside table, which had a lot of people freaking out despite one of them being a videogame prop and the other a non-functioning flintlock, but that’s been about it.


Well, that and he made and sold a flamethrower, but still, who wouldn’t do that if they could?

Musk tweeting something like this tells us a little about the man who bought Twitter. I won’t say he’s a gun person, but it seems pretty obvious that he’s not going to start banning gun people just because they’re Second Amendment supporters.

Of course, the usual suspects are likely less than thrilled with Musk’s tweet, but I’m not.

While I feel Musk still gets some stuff wrong, and I’ll call him on it when he does (not that he cares), for once we have a place on social media where the odds of us getting banned is minimal.

That means there’s at least one social media battleground where we just have to deal with gun control zealots and not the platform itself as well. That’s a battle I feel good about winning.

If it turns out that Musk is a gun guy or at least willing to try it out, I’m sure the Bearing Arms crew would love to get together with him for a range day somewhere.

What do you say, Elon? You game?

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