GOP voters in conservative TN county supposedly want gun control

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Tennessee got rocked by the shooting at a school in Nashville. It creates an impact, to be sure, and it’ll rattle a whole lot of people.

Many may decide that they were wrong about gun control


Still others figure that gun control failed in such cases anyway and that the answers lie elsewhere.

But according to the media in Tennessee, Republicans in one conservative county aren’t just open to gun control, they actually want it.

Blaine Walker has multiple guns.

The Williamson County conservative has a handgun permit. He hunts, primarily duck and goose. Walker doesn’t consider firearms evil.

He’s one of the millions of Americans that believe guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Millions of others disagree.

However, he also believes divisiveness on firearms issues has reached an inflection point. The time to find common ground is now.

“None of us are blind to what’s going on,” Walker said. “I wish we had the perfect answers.

“I think one of our biggest holdups is the fact that people on the right and the left, even if the gun owner was all for some type of reform, if they give an inch, they are so scared the other side of the aisle is going to … take away more than what really needs to happen.”

Curtis Sullivan, another Williamson County Republican who owns multiple firearms, agreed with Walker that politicians, on the state and national level, must meet in the middle.

“It’s a fallacy to think we are ever going to ban all guns,” Sullivan said. “The far left and far right, they keep getting fed. And people actually believe it.

“We have to find some common ground or these shootings are not going to stop.”


Of course, I have questions. For example, are these guys actually Republicans? I don’t know them, so they might be, but I also know how easy it is to say you’re a Republican and then say whatever.

However, we do know that at least some Republicans favor gun control. The polling makes that very clear. It also shows that a number of Democrats don’t want gun control.

Funny how they never get interviewed in a case like this, isn’t it?

It’s not that difficult to find someone to interview that is an outlier in a case like this. We know they exist, but what we don’t know, particularly in Williamson County, Tennessee, is how prevalent this thinking actually is. Find a couple of people who say what you want and then pretend it’s widespread.

But I have to take issue with what Sullivan said above.

“It’s a fallacy to think we are ever going to ban all guns,” Sullivan said. “The far left and far right, they keep getting fed. And people actually believe it.

Yes, people actually believe it. They believe it because they have eyes.

Everywhere that gun control passes, anti-gun groups continue to push for more. There is literally no gun control group in this country that pushing for laws in all 50 states that doesn’t retool the moment they succeed and decide what to push for the next year.


Why? Because they want it all. They want gun control to be so severe that it might as well be a gun ban.

They’re just willing to do it incrementally.

The only fallacy is thinking for one moment that they’ll be content to stop in Tennessee if they get their way here and now.

It’s not going to happen there because it’s never happened anywhere else on the planet.

If you actually think it will, you’re not a Republican who has literally ever looked at the gun debate before in your entire life.

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