St. Louis arrest shatters quite a few gun control myths

AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File

Time and time again, we’re shown where someone tries to shatter what they call pro-gun “myths.” These are often done by citing terribly flawed studies and research, of course, all in an effort to push gun control.


Yet there are more than a few gun control myths out there. The biggest, of course, is that it works.

Another is that permitless carry makes it impossible for the police to arrest people for carrying guns illegally.

So imagine how silly they’d feel looking at this story from St. Louis.

Police stopped a group of at least five people from breaking into cars Wednesday evening around Downtown St. Louis.

Two 18-year-olds are behind bars after the thwarted break-ins. The teenagers are accused of trying to break into cars and pulling out guns while they were confronted by police.

The situation unfolded just before 10 p.m. Wednesday, near the intersection of Lucas Street and North 10th Street. An officer on patrol was flagged down by a witness, who noted that several people were looking into cars and attempting to break into them.

In the 1100 block of Lucas Street, two of the suspects pulled out guns from their pockets. Both tripped shortly after that and lost control of their guns. One of the suspects who tripped tried to continue, though was stopped after an officer used a taser on him.

“But Tom, how does this do any of the things you claim it does? This is just a garden-variety arrest.”

Well, it is and it isn’t, but I’m glad I asked myself this question.

First, these are 18-year-olds. They’re too young to lawfully buy handguns anywhere in the world. Whether that’s right or not, they can’t, yet these jackwagons had them.

If gun control works, as some try to claim, then how could these young people obtain such firearms? It just seems that there’s no way this is remotely possible if the claims are remotely accurate.


Further, we’ve been told that permitless carry makes it impossible to catch bad people with guns, yet here we are.

See, the problem with these particular myths is that the media never really looks at them critically like they would if a pro-gun group made a claim. They just repeat the gun control rhetoric as if it’s self-evidently true and move on about their day.

It’s not and it never will be.

This particular case isn’t isolated, either. We’ve seen far too many people be able to get guns in spite of all the gun control laws on the books. Take a look at the crime news from literally any community and you’ll find tons of stories just like this, and not just in pro-gun states like Missouri. You’ll find them in Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, New York, Seattle, Boston, and countless others.

The truth of the matter is that gun control works, but only on the law-abiding citizen. It does nothing to curtail the illicit activities of the criminal underclass and it never has. Moreover, it never will, as stories like this clearly show.

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