Newsom blames permitless carry for boardwalk shooting

Newsom blames permitless carry for boardwalk shooting
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California Gov. Gavin Newsom isn’t a fan of people having or carrying guns. Just look at the laws he’s pushed and supported in California if you have any doubts.


And he’s not afraid to blame gun rights for incidents in other states, either. It’s essential to try to convince people that his state got it right.

His latest attempt? Blaming the Hollywood, Florida boardwalk shooting on permitless carry.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom was fact-checked by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ spokesman after he blamed the Memorial Day shooting in Hollywood, Florida, on laws DeSantis signed that are not yet in effect.

At least nine people, including minors, were hospitalized Monday after an altercation escalated into gunfire at the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, police said. Police detained one person of interest in the shooting while another remains at large.

Newsom reacted to reports of the shooting on social media, blaming gun violence on a bill DeSantis signed in April that eliminates the requirement for an individual to obtain a permit to carry a concealed firearm.

He claimed the permit-less carry bill DeSantis signed “removes requirements” for background checks, instruction, training and oversight.

However, DeSantis press secretary Jeremy Redfern replied shortly afterward, noting that the bill Newsom referenced is not yet in effect.

“Hi Gavin,” Redfern said. “How does a law that doesn’t take effect until July 1st change this outcome?”


Let’s just say I’m unsurprised by this.

I mean, why would I be? I called it earlier today.

However, I fully expect the usual suspects to lash out any time now and argue that Florida’s permitless carry law enabled this, but I’m pretty sure when we get answers, we’ll find that’s not the case.

And that’s with having forgotten the law didn’t go into effect immediately as it did here in Georgia, so it was most definitely not the case.

The indicators suggest this was the result of two gangs shooting at one another, having no regard for bystanders. As such, it’s likely that none of the shooters could lawfully buy, own, or carry a firearm, even if permitless carry in Florida were in effect.

Since it’s not, well, it’s even less likely.

Newsom, though, doesn’t care about that. He’s just trying to set himself up as an anti-gun candidate for when he runs for president, which we all know is on the horizon for him. His base eats this crap up with a spoon, so they’ll likely parrot his talking points with no regard for reality.


The law isn’t in effect, so it couldn’t play a role.

Even if it were, you’d likely find the shooters couldn’t lawfully carry a firearm anyway, so it wouldn’t have played a role then either.

Newsom will never acknowledge that fact. He’ll push the anti-gun narrative that Florida is bad while ignoring the two mass shootings within 48 hours his state experienced back in January; shootings that happened in spite of the draconian gun control laws in effect in his state.

Funny how that didn’t make it in his statement about Monday’s shooting, isn’t it?

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