Good news on guns: Kamala Harris's leading anti-gun charge

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t overly impressive to many people. Her handling of the border, for example, has been a complete disaster.

Yet it seems that the border isn’t the only thing she’s been tasked with addressing.

No, it seems that Harris is now running point for the White House’s anti-gun efforts.

Kamala Harris: Joe Biden’s Point Person On Guns – Vice President Kamala Harris has emerged as the Biden administration’s point person on gun control.

This seems a strange role for many reasons, and conservatives will hate this move. Harris has received significant criticism for her handling of her job. White House adviser Anita Dunn has called for her to play a larger role.

Harris claimed during a speech at John Lewis High School in Springfield, Va., located in suburban Washington, D.C., that in 2023 there have been 268 shootings where four or more have been shot. She said gun violence was the number one cause of death among children in America today is gun violence.

Of course, that number is only that large because it includes gun fights between gangs and things of that sort, not what most people think of as mass shootings.

As for Harris leading the White House efforts on gun control, I can almost feel relieved.

After all, this is a woman who botched her handling of the border crisis to the point that it became a running joke. If she brings that diligence and expertise to the gun control effort, we’ll all be gifted machine guns by Christmas.

Realistically, this is one of two things.

One is that no one in the Democratic Party really wants to see Harris as president, so Biden is tasking her with an effort that’s not going anywhere, all so when she does run–and we all know that she will run again–her primary opponents can point to her failures here and hurt her chances.

The other is that they really think that Harris did a good job on the border and will do a good job on gun control. That’s just laughable, but considering what we’ve seen lately, well…can you rule it out?

I sure can’t.

Either way, putting the vice president in the lead isn’t likely to do anything more than what we’ve already seen. President Joe Biden has made it clear he’s done pretty much everything via executive order that he can, which means any further action on gun control has to come via legislation.

Look at the makeup of the House of Representatives right now. What do you think the odds of that happening are, anyway?


Kamala Harris can be put in charge of whatever efforts the White House chooses, but that doesn’t magically mean anything will actually happen. She has almost no legislative power at all. All she can do is step in as a tie-breaker in the Senate, but without a House willing to also pass gun control legislation, there’s no way anything is happening on that account.

And that’s if the Republican part of the Senate doesn’t just filibuster legislation.

So at the end of the day, this is, at worst, neutral news. They can trot out Harris to run point on the effort, but the effort isn’t likely to go anywhere and everyone–yes, including the White House–knows it.

The good news for us is that based on what we’ve seen from her over the last couple of years, we have absolutely nothing to worry about with regard to our gun rights. Harris couldn’t pass gun control if the Democrats held 90 percent of both chambers.

Since they don’t, we have nothing to worry about.