2 shot at funeral of 10-year-old shooting victim

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There are segments of our society that remain blissfully untouched by violent crime. The worst they’ll really ever see is a fistfight at school. They might see plenty on television, but they’re not going to experience it.


Then we’ve got segments where shootings are a way of life. They see them every day, it seems, and even the most somber of occasions may well end up marred by violence.

Like, say, the funeral of a 10-year-old victim of a shooting.

Two people have been shot, one fatally, at the Maryland funeral of a 10-year-old gun violence victim, authorities said.

The shooting occured on Tuesday afternoon at the Washington National Cemetery in Prince George’s County, according to a report by ABC news.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, Maj. David Blazer of the Prince George’s County Police said authorities received “numerous calls” in relation to a disturbance at the cemetery shortly after 1:15 p.m. local time. Upon arrival, police found a male and a female who were both suffering from gunshot wounds. The male was later pronounced dead.

“The adult female is being treated for non-life-threatening wounds at this point,” Blazer said.

He added that the individuals “were not directly related to the funeral of the 10-year-old,” and that police believed the shooting to be a dispute “totally unrelated to what was going on with the funeral.”

In other words, some places in our society are so violent that shootings happen at funerals for shooting victims.

It’s a sad irony, really.

It should be remembered that this is Maryland, which has a lot of gun control regulations on the books, none of which seemed to stop either set of shootings.

No doubt, some will use this to try and push the anti-gun narrative because, well, they’ll use anything to push that narrative. However, I suspect that when we find out who pulled the trigger in either shooting, it won’t be someone who bought their gun lawfully and otherwise obeyed the rules until suddenly deciding to start trying to kill people.


In fact, it pretty much never works out that way.

Yet it’ll be pushed as if it’s true, that more gun control will somehow curtail the violence we see in our cities, all while ignoring the fact that none of the previous stuff they did–stuff they said would also curtail the violence–has done a blasted thing.

What’s that term for doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result? Insanity? Yeah, that’s it.

What transpired in this instance is awful. Adults being shot is bad enough, but a 10-year-old being killed first? That’s just devastating to even think about.

Nothing about this sounds like the kind of thing anyone should have to deal with. Yet we also need to remember that large parts of our inner cities don’t see this as unusual. This is just the kind of thing that happens.

If we want to stop the problems, we need to focus our attention on changing that simple fact, and that’s not going to happen with a new gun control law.

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