So much for that California gun control

So much for that California gun control
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Over and over again, we’re told that gun control doesn’t stop the law-abiding from owning guns, it stops criminals from getting them.

That’s nonsense and we all know it. Assault weapon bans, for example, stop the law-abiding from having certain categories of guns but don’t actually stop bad guys from getting them, especially in this day and age.


In California, for example, they have more gun control than anywhere else in the nation.

Clearly, that’s working out for them.

Two people are in custody in connection with what’s being described as a rolling gun battle between two cars along San Francisco’s waterfront, a supervisor said on Monday.

Two people from Pittsburg who were hospitalized after the chaos are in custody, said Supervisor Aaron Peskin. He said San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott had said the two people were linked to a black Chevy Blazer that was involved in the shooting on a mile-and-a-half stretch of the city’s waterfront area on the Embarcadero that’s popular with tourists.

The wild shootout happened in an area “where there’s a lot of restaurants and this is a destination, so this could have been much worse than it was,” said Supervisor Matt Dorsey. “To me, it’s a miracle, when you have two cars that are engaged in a gun battle down Embarcadero.”

This is the kind of thing you see on television or in the movies. You don’t see it happen in real life, and yet, here we are.

I guess that California gun control did a bang-up job of preventing something like this.

Now, in the interest of fairness, this could have happened anywhere. There’s little unique enough about the state that would encourage this sort of behavior, even their extensive gun control laws.

But that’s kind of the point. It could have happened anywhere else, but those same laws are supposed to stop stuff like this from happening there.


Yet it didn’t.

That’s because, as we’ve pointed out a thousand times or more, criminals don’t obey gun laws. They don’t obey laws–it’s kind of in the job description.

Not only do they not obey laws but they’re also unmoved by stiff penalties meant to deter them from breaking other laws. They don’t think they’ll get caught. They don’t think the police will figure out who they are or get to them in time.

Yes, even while driving down the street engaged in a gun battle in front of God and everyone. They actually figured they’d get away and live to shoot up each other another day.

Imagine, if you will, what it would be like if they spent all that time focused on gun control instead focused on working to guide people away from that path in life. Not only would people’s right to own guns be respected by violent crime would be down.

Alas, that’s not something California is interested in. They’d much rather lash out at law-abiding citizens and treat them like criminals than, you know, do anything about criminals.

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