Virginia Beach gun store to offer free gun safety classes

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

The term “gun safety” is often an euphemism used by gun control advocates. That’s because it’s hard to object to safety, so they like to pretend that restrictions are just that.


They’re not.

Real firearm safety, however, is important. Many of us grew up learning the rules about using a gun safely and they were ingrained in us long before we were able to buy one lawfully.

But a lot of people don’t have that. No one taught them, and as a result, there are problems that come from that ignorance.

In Virginia Beach, VA, one gun store is trying to help fix that.

Joel Jones, the founder of Strong Arms Training Academy, is a local firearms instructor and this summer he’s targeting families in light of recent shooting incidents involving children.

“Instead of trying to say, hey, don’t mess with guns. And that child says, well I see a gun why can’t I mess with it? That curiosity. So we put them together at an adult level and a child level,” said Jones.

He’s calling it the “Summer of Safety”. The first of several free firearm education classes starts July 5 in Virginia Beach.

“There may be a lot of excuses but there are evening classes to try and remove the “I don’t have time “Do you have time for safety for your child? Do you have time to say hey this could save my child’s life, if not, another child’s life because- guess what? A lot of these incidental shootings happen at other homes,” said Jones.

Good on Jones.

Look, I get that a lot of people have feelings about guns that don’t exactly mesh with mine. I’m fine with that. However, we also need to face the fact that while most gun owners go out of their way to be responsible, a lot of people who aren’t lawful owners are also careless with their guns.


And, unfortunately, there are some who do have their lawfully that are careless.

We can try and take action with regard to those people–and we should–but that’s only a one-dimensional approach. We should also teach our kids about gun safety as well.

When something is forbidden, it becomes enticing. The more you try to restrict something, the more the kids will figure it’s something they want a piece of.

It’s essential to break that, and part of how you do it isn’t restriction but education.

You know, actual gun safety.

What Jones is doing is something that should happen in every community across our nation. What’s more, it should be happening in our schools so that every student understands gun safety as a basic part of their lives. Even if they never touch a gun, they’ll at least have the tools to co-exist safely should they stumble upon one.

A lot of people don’t like that. They believe gun safety training is bad for some weird reason.

But they’ll use the inevitable results of a lack of actual gun safety education to restrict people’s rights as much as they can. I’m sure the fact that they oppose this kind of education and then call for something they desire when they see the results of that lack of education is just a coincidence.

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