Biden renews call for gun control after Juneteenth shootings

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

On the issue of guns, there’s no doubt where President Joe Biden stands. At least, there’s no doubt where he stands so long as his son isn’t involved. If Hunter’s in the mix, all bets are off, but for the rest of us, well, he’s very anti-gun.


So it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that after a number of shootings at Juneteenth celebrations across the nation, he’s renewed his call for gun control.

President Joe Biden and gun rights leaders are calling on Congress to act after Juneteenth celebrations this year became marked by mass shootings around the country, leaving at least six people dead and at least 22 injured.

Similar scenes unfolded in Southern CaliforniaNorth CarolinaWashington StateSt. Louis and Pennsylvania, where a state trooper was killed.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Biden called on Congress to respond to the shootings.

“Congress needs to act on gun safety,” he said. “And let me be very clear about something. If this Congress refuses to act, then we need a new Congress.”

A bold sentiment. There are just a few problems here.

Take a look at the states listed. This list follows a discussion of the shooting in Willowbrook, IL. Illinois, Washington State, and Southern California all have significant gun control laws on the books, whereas North Carolina only just repealed a few that many think are necessary. There hasn’t been much time for there to be any impact from the repeal.

In other words, calling for new gun control is easy. We know it’s easy because Biden can manage to do that even when he can’t remember he’s an American. (“God save the Queen, man.”)


But actually looking at what happened and recognizing that at least half of the states that saw this are gun control states. One other hasn’t had much chance for pro-gun reform to go into effect as of yet. That suggests that the presence or absence of gun control isn’t a significant factor at play here.

This is Biden, though. He can and will call for gun control at the drop of a hat and will often drop the hat himself.

His calls and statement, however, doesn’t change reality.

Gun control didn’t stop some of these shootings. The places with less gun control didn’t necessarily see more shootings or worse shootings, either.

What we need is a comprehensive look at just what the hell is going on. We need to understand why this happened during Juneteenth celebrations in such high concentrations. It doesn’t seem like this happens during other celebrations, at least not to this level.

That’s something to look at. I know the surface-level answers might be troubling, but that’s why we need a detailed, in-depth look at what is happening with these shootings. We need the truth, the roots of what happened.

Biden’s calls for gun control are little more than his effort to ignore the underlying causes.


Instead, he’s once again blaming the guns and pretending that if you magically make them disappear, people will suddenly just be nice to one another. That’s literally how nothing works.

What happened this past weekend in all these states will happen again unless you address the real problems. Unfortunately, gun control advocates can’t cash in on those real causes. They haven’t tied their livelihoods to those causes, so don’t expect them or the pet politicians to even pretend those causes might exist.

Meanwhile, it’s our communities that suffer for it.

Gun control is easy for Biden to call for, but it’s his go-to because it means he doesn’t have to delve any deeper and can be praised by his buddies for telling them what they want to hear.

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