Democrats need to address gun hypocrisy over Hunter

Democrats need to address gun hypocrisy over Hunter
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By now, you’ve no doubt heard about Hunter Biden. If not, here’s a quick update.

The fact is that he’s getting what amounts to a slap on the wrist, something neither you nor I would have been afforded.


And, The Federalist’s Jordan Boyd is calling Democrats out over it.

President Joe Biden loves to preach about a need for gun grabs and unconstitutional gun control but not when it comes to his son and enforcing firearm laws already on the books.

During an anti-gun speech at the end of last week, Biden bragged about his administration’s “zero-tolerance” paperwork fluke policy for gun dealers. He also touted Democrats’ gun control wish list, which passed Congress last year, as “the most meaningful gun safety law in 30 years.”

Less than one week later, the Department of Justice levied two misdemeanor tax charges and one felony gun charge against Hunter Biden, the president’s youngest son.

It’s been apparent since at least 2021 that Hunter lied about his extensive and public drug use on the Firearms Transaction Record (Form 4473) he filled out during a revolver purchase in 2018.

That is a rare outcome for federal firearm felons. As Federalist Contributor Brett Tolman noted, in 2021 “fewer than 1 percent of cases filed by U.S. attorneys in federal court resulted in the kind of pretrial diversion” Hunter received. In 2022, 94.2 percent of convicted federal firearm felons served jail time.

Common sense says activists hungry for more gun control should be outraged that the administration is refusing to fully enforce some of the unconstitutional firearm laws already on the books. But instead of condemning the DOJ’s soft-on-Biden-crime approach, the anti-gun left is remarkably silent.



As of this writing, there are no tweets at any of the major gun control organizations calling out the Department of Justice, President Joe Biden, or Hunter himself. There’s absolutely no criticism of this by any of the voices that would arguably be most outraged.

Equally fascinating is that The Trace, the supposed journalist organization dedicated to gun safety, also has no piece up regarding what happened with Hunter.

Across the board, I’ve seen no Democrat take issue with what they’re seeing.

I’ve called out Republicans aplenty for their failures on gun rights. I called out my own senator for her ignorant comments. I’ve called out the NRA, even. For me, principles are principles and while I’m as flawed as anyone, I believe in holding everyone accountable in the same way.

But we see that I’m playing by a different set of rules, apparently.

These “gun safety” organizations are fine with an admitted drug user and gun law violator getting a pass because they really, really like his dad.

It’s hypocritical to demand more and more gun laws while watching an admitted violator of existing gun laws get a pass. Especially when we know some of the irresponsible actions taken with that gun, such as it being dumped in a public trash can.


Remember this for the next time one of these groups tries to spin their actions as being about right and wrong. They have no business pretending they’re on the side of right. They’re on the side of expedience and double standards. Nothing more.

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